Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Egging Me On

So I wasn't feeling the Easter decorating this year.  Little bit lazy, little bit busy, and been sick for over a week!  Nothing like a vintage find at a thrift store to get me motivated.   Found this paper mache egg for 1.99 at the thrift last week.  Score!
Love these made in Germany eggs.  I had a few others so I threw some spanish moss in a basket and added them all.
I did add a few other vintage goodies around the house.  Not a lot, since my kids are grown I don't do as much as I used to.  (but they still seem to want me to whip them up easter baskets, go figure)
Well, a little Easter/Spring cheer anyway.  And with our newest addition of 8 MORE inches of snow I needed something to brighten up this joint.  I am so over winter.
In other news today is my birthday!  Happy B DAY to me. Oh yeah, it is also my husbands.  So Happy Birthday to him to, I guess :) 


  1. Happy birthday! A double birthday wish your husband? Pretty nifty...hope you both have a great one!

  2. Happy birthday...please...please...please enjoy a trip to the thrift for me...smiles..Renee

  3. My kids get paper Easter eggs just like that filled with Scandinavian candy from their grandmother - it can be so hard to find them over here. Yours look great!

  4. Thats so cute you guys have the same birthday!
    Happy Late Birthday!