Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fun Finds & Fabulous Festive Finery

My mom and I hit the dusty trail (literally we were on a gravel road) to visit a cute town and do some HoHoHoliday shopping. Found just a few things that I had to have
Cute Christmas tablecloth and some corsages. This particular town has an antique store with one of my fav booths ever. She likes the same things as I do and her prices are crazy good. I got all of this from her booth (the corsages were a buck each!)  The next place we stopped called itself a flea market antique store but should of been called Hoarders Crap Paradise. Dirty, jammed, and most of it crap. But I did find this spinny rack and a red white and blue sack for my bullet collection
I don't really collect bullets. (Or do I? You'll never know) I don't know what that spinny rack was originally used for, but for 3 bucks I was sure I had something at home that really needed to spin. I just need to figure out what. 
That's it, kind of anticlimactic I know. So to make up for it I'll show you my house. Now comes the real excitement (not really)
I didn't do as much as usual. I used to put up 6 trees. Yeah, those days are over. But I did manage to get one up!

Now if I could keep the dang kitties out of it all would be well. Every day I fear we are gonna have a little Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation up in here (can you say electrocuted cat?) don't worry I keep the lights unplugged most of the time.
I showed you my Hooosier but here is the whole dining room (with a kitty photo bomb).
Table set with a few of my favorite houses
I bought the Spode Christmas tree dishes a few weeks ago to sell. Instantly regretted it. First off I probably paid too much. Secondly WTH? Who wants to ship all that breakable stuff? Um, not me so I guess I'm keeping them. Oh well they are kinda growing on me. 
I saw this on Laurie's blog a few years ago and knew I had to borrow (steal) it. My mom and I made it a few years ago and it's one of my favorite things. We decoupoged a large stand up frame, added Christmas scrap booking paper and put all my kids pictures with Santa in it. Some of them are empty and a few of the pictures are just random people I bought off eBay. Apparently I wasn't good about taking my kids to see Santa because I didn't have enough. (Or I lost them, typical bad mom move).

Awww, my two oldest boys when they were teeny tiny. Notice the bald spot on Zachs head. Cut his own hair, classic. 
My chalkboard art and a little forest of trees. Ok, if you count these I actually put up four trees! Go me!
I even strung lights! It took all of 4 seconds but hey, work is work :)
Wow this is getting long BUT IM NOT DONE YET SO KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!
Here's my corner cupboard in the formal living room. That's right, it's formal and fancy so keep your butt out (kidding)
It normally has these bird feedbacks over the glass but I took them off to show off all the littles
Bonus, it was already painted red and green when I bought it.
Here is the little chest that serves as my coffee table
I bought these teeny wreaths off etsy to hang on my trucks. S'cute. 

My last shot is my fireplace. I was going for rustic in the family room, not sure if I 100% pulled it off but good enough for me.
Some deer antlers, a few trees (hey, there are two more I can count!) and some simple greenery. I'm calling it Rustic & Simple (aka I'm lazy). Well if your still reading you deserve a cookie. Go buy yourself one, you have my permission. (Buy me one too.) I probably won't post again till 2015 so have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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  1. Hi,'s me again your swap partner from Erica's Christmas in the Kitchen swap. I have your package ready to ship and I cannot find the email you sent me with your address. Could you please resend it...the deadline to mail is tomorrow and I want to get it on it's way to you. Please, please, please!!! =D Thanks!

    1. Hi Shirley, I sent you am email. Sorry for the late reply we had out of town company all weekend and it's been crazy around here!! Let me know if you didn't get my email

  2. Your house is wonderful! I love it all. That spinny rack would be great for your Christmas cards or for vintage cards. Of course, you can use it when you sell at the next Junk Ranch! :D I'll be mailing your box on Wednesday. I got your comment about mailing mine. I have yours ready, but Wednesday is mail day. And, who knows, I might find some more goodies to squeeze in there!

  3. Looking mighty festive. Glad I could inspire with the frame. I made my kids go every year until that frame was full and then they were off the hook. Still enjoy looking at those cute little faces..Kate was so tiny the first year she went..about a month old and so small in Santa's they grow up.

  4. So cute! Love it all especially your chalkboard art. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.