Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mean A$$ People and Booth Pics

Some people suck. I was at Goodwill the other day and this sweet old lady was shopping. White hair, dressed kinda poorly, probably in her 80's. She finished checking out and left. Five minutes later she came running back into the store sobbing her eyes out. Someone STOLE HER DOG out of her car!! Saddest thing I've witnessed in a long time. That person has some baaad karma headed their way. All of us in the store were trying to console her while muttering foul things under our breath to whoever would steal an old ladies little doggie. Seriously pissed me off. 
Well the big bad booth is done! It actually took longer than planned because I hurt my knee. My "just had surgery knee". Tore my meniscus, hurt like a mother! Damn knees. My good friend helped me load everything in and set it up. She did more loading, I did a lot of pointing. Either way, it got done. 
Here is an overview. It's not terribly full yet but I was in too much pain to care. 

There is a shelf that you can put things up high. I took my metal letters, but I forgot the "N". So all I had up there was 
FU. Whoops. But come on, it's kind of hilarious.  I did take the N this week so now it says FUN and they didn't have to kick me out :)
My kiddy section. Does anyone buy this stuff besides me? The jury's still out, we shall see if anything sells. 

The other side. See that ugly Pyrex? That is the first thing that sold. I need to stumble on a warehouse of Pyrex. That's not asking too much right? 
That red shelf that I could not find a spot for at home found a spot in the booth. Good to hold my manly stuff. Like cameras and coffee cans and shoe shine kits thread? We are a diverse booth. 
This spinny rack works good for linens. The old enamel top cabinet is cute and someone needs to buy it ASAP so I can pay my rent.
This is just randomly stuck in the middle and probably looks dumb. Did I mention that pain in my knee was making me not care in the least? So it got finished. April and May are slow months (so I've been told) so I'm not expecting to do great. I will use these months to get it stocked and try and get a good "look" going for it.
At least it's done! How was your week? 


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it's better soon. I like your booth just as you have it started. Of course, it's a work in progress. All our booths are a work in progress. There will be time to fill it out more, but it looks nice as it is. I kind of like the read things in the middle. I'd snap on several things, including that awesome red shelf. Much good wishes and good luck for your booth. I think the letters F U were your message to the dog-nappers. I am appalled about that. People like that make me physically ill. Even more than I already am. Please take care of your knee and get better soon. By the way, I sell LOTS of toys and kiddie stuff, especially when they're vintage.

  2. Dang! The knee! Booth looks great and wish you great SUCCE$$. The FU cracked me up and glad the N arrived.

  3. I just hopped over from Viv's blog. Your booth looks great. About your knee, I tore my meniscus a few months ago and have tried everything to avoid surgery, but it doesn't seem to be healing on its own. Sorry you reinjured yours, I know how dang painful it is.

    It is so upsetting to know how many low lifes are out there stealing pets. I won't bring my dog if I'm shopping because of the fear of that happening. That poor woman, how sad. Makes me feel sick and angry at the same time.

    Glad fo have discovered your blog! :)

  4. Booth looks great (wish it was near me) but sorry about your knee. That is awful what happened to that lady and her dog - makes me so angry & upset for the elderly lady who lost her 'companion'.

    Take care, get well.

  5. I'm sickened by this dog thief story! I hope that Goodwill had surveillance, and they were able to see who did that!
    Your booth looks great! I see lots of things I'd like to buy! :)