Thursday, September 17, 2015

Good Junk & A Bit Of Fun

I finally found a few things that are blog worthy so thought I'd share. I went to a couple of garage sales and estate sales. I have been to so few this year, with so much going on, and inheriting SO MUCH of my moms stuff, I haven't really felt like shopping. I was on my way to the post office today and I saw a sign, then another, and another. You know you can't forever ignore the sweet siren call of a garage sale! 
This brass jeweled turtle box was my favorite find. It was a family run estate sale and the prices were CRAAZY cheap! 
The shell opens up and inside is a tiny letter opener and magnifying glass. Seriously cute.
A Vera scarf, vintage yellow sheet set, Ireland silk scarf, a few hankies and a plastic raggedy ann bank. I also got one if those ceramic light up Christmas trees (for .50 people!!) no pic, it's in my car which is way too far to walk. I got home from this sale and I realized that I forgot a pile of stuff. It was some books and flash cards. I WANTED that pile. But the sale was 10 minutes away. I was debating whether or not to go back. Was it worth it? Would the pile still be there? I decided to take a chance and go back. 
Ok, the books are ok. Super cute and all, they are song books. But not worth driving 20 minutes round trip right? But you know what totally made it worth it?
This awesome box of vintage flash cards. Probably 60 or 70 cards in the box with THE BEST vintage drawings. For the price of a piece of gum. That's right....25 cents!!!! Oh yeah, I also found two metal flower frogs on my second trip. Speaking of flower frogs...
At a different estate sale I found this brass flower frog and some tart tins. I have flower frogs in metal, glass and plastic but I've never seen brass. Speaking of brass...
Some brass reindeer. You would totally think I collect brass..turtle, flower frog, reindeer. You would be wrong. It's all going to the booth or eBay. So long brass, I lived through the 80's, been there done that. Maybe some young hipster girl who thinks brass is like, so awesome, will buy you :)
Now cast iron? I'm your girl! Got this at a thrift store and it is crying out for some mini pumpkins. It's a keeper.

Picked up this square picnic basket. I'm gonna make my sister paint the top with something cool. 

Of course Luna thinks it's hers. 

On the Halloween front I found a few things.
I was at my booth today to add some stuff and decided to take a look around the store. This one booth was having a 40% off sale. Found these luminaries for .75. Question for you, are they vintage? They are made by Empire, the same company that makes all the blow molds, plus the graphics look vintage so I'm thinking yes. But maybe they still make them? I have no idea but I liked them. 
She also had these Dennison seals, never opened. Love. 
Lastly I got this cute honeycomb pumpkin. Which is already hanging on my mantle. Speaking of mantles, let's do a quick little Halloween house tour! 
Basket of honeycomb pumpkins, these were going to go to the booth but never made it. Who am I kidding? 
Sorry for the terrible pic. Found these fabo removable stickers at Target. Just what that mirror needed. 
My "scary" table. 
Dining room. If you look closely you'll see 4 glass jars of candy. Not my best idea. Can't seem to quit eating my display.
Ye old Hoosier. Shove all the green jadeite inside, shut the doors, add some orange and done!
Living room. Found this little cabinet on clearance for $8 and thought it would be perfect for my Gurley candles.

Turned out pretty cute. Lastly my family room...
(I really shouldn't take night pics, sorry)
Broken clock turned cloche . 
So that's what I've been up to. Getting my fix on. As usual. Till next time!


  1. Love looking at Halloween homes. Really like the photo with them all framed here and there. I'm not pulling my Halloween out until closer to October. Too crazy here as it is.

  2. I love your spooky table! All those awesome skulls. Skulls rock. Awesome finds too. I love that turtle!

  3. You are ahead of the game in decorating for Halloween - but I bet you needed a diversion and some fun. I will get out a little bit of Halloween after the Junk ranch. I really don't put much out anymore- I need to sell it. But I know when I see it all - I will fall back in LOVE with it all. Crazy. Those books and flash cards were well worth the drive back to get them. So, so sweet! Headed to Fayetteville any time soon?

  4. Marci~
    What eye-candy! Love it all... you had me at the Butterfly VERA scarf, but truly inspired me with the All Hallows Eve goodies!!!