Sunday, October 25, 2015

Busy Busy and What the What?

It's been crazy around here. I've been shopping, pricing, cleaning, digging, photo taking, and just overall getting ready for the holiday shopping rush on eBay and the booth. Our antique mall is doing a  Holiday Open House the first weekend in November and I have to change out my entire booth to Christmas! Ugh! I've got lots priced and ready to go, but much more to be done. Here's what I drug out so far
Bounty of Blowmolds

Scads of Shiny Brites

Every damn Elf

Loads of Lights

Gaggles of Garland (three is a gaggle, no?)

Crap ton of Candelabras

Truckload of Trees (get it? Because there is a Tree on a Truck ha!) 

There is more but I'll spare you. So yeah, that's a major time suck. I am downsizing my Christmas stash as you can see, but don't fret, I've got 14 tubs left, I think I can spare some stuff. 
In eBay news things have been hopping! People are getting in the moooood to spend money. I hit a garage sale the other day that was an eBayer's dream. Everything this women owned was HIGH END designer labels and everything was $4.00! I got a huge pile of clothes, half still had tags on it. Tags from places I will never get to shop at in my lifetime, like Barneys New York, Tory Burch in Florida, TopShop in London! (I know they have a TopShop section at my local Nordstroms but this was actually from the original store in London) Plus I bought Chanel sunglasses for $25 (already listed for ($175 on eBay) I asked the lady if they were real (I really should have known better based on her clothing selection) and she just looked at me and smiled and said "I don't do fake" haha! Made me laugh. I was wondering how the hell more people weren't at her sale so I asked her if she put her sale on Craigslist. She said no, she never heard of doing that, she only PUT IT IN THE PAPER! For real? Does anyone even read the paper anymore? Oh well, I was glad she did.

I also hit 5 thrifts that day so I have a mountain of stuff to list. As I was driving to my first and favorite thrift store I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this
Whaaaat???? Nooooooo!!!!! This particular Goodwill is in a not so great neighborhood, but, it is surrounded by some very rich neighborhoods. So they get some killer donations, but hardly anyone shops there! It is my secret honey hole of great finds and I'm SO BUMMED that they are closing!!! Now, I happen to have a great Goodwill near me, it also gets great donations, but it is in a very wealthy area and everyone knows it! It is always packed with people. I still find stuff but the competition is fierce. Like, jab your eyeballs out when they bring out a new cart fierce. So I guess I better start working out cuz I see some fights in my future. Kidding! (Sort of) 
So that's the news around here. I did go to an auction the other day that was great fun but that's a post for another day. Till next time!


  1. Dang, but that's a lot of blow molds. I see a couple I've never seen before. Goodwill closing? Ouch! I remember how frustrated I was when the really good thrift that was seriously right down the street from me closed. It was such a bummer.

  2. We seem to be losing our thrift shops every week in the UK , why have a shop when you can sell donations at so much a pound to be sent abroad ? They cream off the high end stuff and just have shops in the wealthy areas of big cities . All that remains is the shops for the middle classes so they can say they bought at a thrift shop to make themselves feel good , we have a few good church based shops and independent animal charities that realise people shop there because they cant afford retail prices and that all their customers arent pickers but they are getting few and far between.

  3. So. Many. Blow Molds!! I would've loved to hit the designer sale!

  4. That designer sale sounds awesome. For the record, I read the paper everyday. I also look at the classifieds there for sales.

  5. My GOSH you have so much fantastic Christmas! I have a ton of good stuff - but it is MINE. I keep all the good stuff! People love the things I sell and I keep thinking - you should see what I have at HOME! Love all the blowmolds and the light boxes. i still have NEVER found a vintage light box. WTH? That's terrible about your thrift. One of my favorites changed hands and moved and it just isn't that great anymore. But at least it;s still there. I'm sorry!

  6. oh my.. the blowmolds! are you selling all of those? Wish I could visit your booth! I see a couple I would love to have! I cant think about putting Christmas out yet.. Its going to be a huge job to put Halloween away! lol!
    happy Wednesday!

  7. Your booth is going to be Christmas fabulous! Wow, wish I could find a yard sale like that.