Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Day

Just found out that mom and I rented a space at Rusty Chandelier!  We have been talking about renting a booth together and today one opened up!  I love etsy, and my non vintage items do great on ebay, but I have wanted a space forever for the bigger items that are just too hard to ship or the stuff that is just FUN to display! If you have never been it is on I 29, just north of  St Joseph, Mo.  There is an antique mall next door called Jesse James (also a great place).  Rust Chandelier also sells antiques, but it is more of a boutique feel, and you can find lots of other items like lotions, cute handmade items and home decor. We get to move in Febuary  1st so time to gather, clean, and organize!!  Pictures to come!  Sorry so many exclamation points when I promised I would cut down but I am excited!!!!!!!!  Ok, I am done now.  If you get a chance to stop by  we are in the back corner and our space is called "Jessie's Attic" (maybe, we think, not 100% sure, actually it will probably change, I'll keep you updated)


  1. WOW! congrats on your booth! You sound a lot like where we were 9 months ago....etsy, other online places for non vintage...but eager to try a booth! These places sound like a perfect getaway weekend for my husband and I...we aren't too far up the road!

  2. Congrats on your booth! I LOVE the R.C. and we always make a trip in when we are going to Kansas:)