Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year New Blog

Well typepad confused me so lets go back to blogger. Welcome to my new (old?) blog that I have tried on a few sites with a few names. Pretty daunting that naming thing. Why parsley vintage? Well, it had to have vintage in it because this blog is mostly about vintage, decor, and of course the always awesome before and afters, with maybe a post or two about the fam, but not too much because this is mine dangit! Parsley is kind of an inside joke with my siblings. Let's just say it used to make me cry when I was a kid. Hope you enjoy looking around!


  1. YEAH, uhm this blog is ALRIGGGHT. but im gonna need some pictures, further blogs and suchSO STOP SUCKING PARSLEY VINTAGE. kissies, edna.

  2. Ok. I know this blogger, and WOW, if you could see her home you all would be impressed!!!. Edna, stop being mean and lighten up. Bloggers are suppose to be fun and informative, R u any relation to Hay Bay? Just curious. NanaE

  3. My mother made me a halter top when I was seven - and sewed that rick rack on it. Brings good memories back. Thanks for sharing your finds.