Sunday, February 15, 2015

Free food, Cats, & Fun Finds

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. I got some pink roses from the hubby. He hates to shop more than an ice pick to his eye, so whenever a holiday rolls around he heads over to Walmart (literally across the street from our house)  and grabs something on the day of the holiday. Well except Christmas, then he goes on Christmas Eve. But I didn't get him anything, so it's all good. They are actually very pretty roses
He also hates crowded restaurants as much as he hates shopping so no fancy dinners around here. But we gotta eat and since it was a holiday and all, we decided we would splurge on Chipotle. Ooh big spender! Of course I went to pick it up and when I got there they told me they were out of chicken and it would be a 5 minute wait. I said no problem and they gave me a free soda while I waited. When the chicken was ready I ordered our food and when I went to pay they said no charge, it's free because we made you wait. Wait, what did you say? Free? Really? I'm so glad I added the chips and Guac onto our order, suckers! So free Valentines dinner. On a sorta related note, a few weeks ago some of my hubby's family was in town. We went to eat and asked them if they wanted to go to Chipotle. None of them had ever been there! How is this even possible? Who hasn't been to Chipotle? We eat there once a week!

Nyx and Luna (that would be my kitties) were both spayed last week. They moped around for a day or so but are both back to their nosy selves. The day after they came home this is how poor Nyx was laying
"My tum tum hurts" haha 

My mom came over today for a visit. She has been complaining about a pain in her side for a week so today I dragged her to the quick care clinic. Turns out it's just a pulled muscle and she's fine. The doctor made me laugh though. She told him where it hurt and that she thought it was her pancreas. He said "well I don't think so since your pancreas is waaaay over here" clear on the other side. Ha!
After she left  I decided to hit the thrifts right before closing, see if I could find anything. Zach, my oldest son, said he would go with me. He wanted to see if he could help me find anything cool. He found these right off the bat
Marble bookends with little globes on them. So he was pretty pleased with himself. They are headed to eBay. I was wandering around, not finding much. It was close to closing time and they usually stop bringing out new merchandise from the back about an hour before closing. For some reason tonight the were still bringing stuff out. So I was trying to inconspicuously loiter near the golf clubs in case they brought out something awesome. And guess what? They did! 
Vintage Taperlite train case
And a vintage town craft suitcase! I was just looking for a smaller light colored suitcase last week at an antique mall and couldn't find one so today was my lucky day. The train case was $4 and the bigger one was $5. 
Zach was also happy to have found a tech deck ramp. 
He is a hardcore skater, has been since he was 10 years old. He used to collect Tech Deck stuff when he was a kid so a little nostalgia purchase for him. 
The only other thing I bought was a lamp, so brought out from the back
So not my thing, but it's pretty and I'm sure it will sell on eBay. 
So that sums up my fun weekend, how was yours?


  1. Hi Marci,
    You found some good things, love the suitcases! I just had Ms.Wilma spayed last week, she was feeling poorly too. Poor babies.
    Have a good week,

  2. I've never eaten at a Chipotle. I never heard of it until my Coloradp friends started talking about it. Then one day I was on Dickson Street a block from campus and I saw a CHIPOTLE. Well, what do you know! I still haven't eaten there. But now that you tell me It's FREE - I'm in! Ha! Those are great suitcases I stopped buying suitcases, but I still love a pretty one!

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