Sunday, February 8, 2015

Three Day Bender

I've been a good girl for far too long. Cleaning, tossing out, organizing, and very little shopping (aside from resell eBay items) I thought this weekend I would treat myself to some retail therapy. I went Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Somebody stop me. But everything was super cheap and super cute so it's all good right? Here's what came home 
Not too terrible. Laurie would have found this at one estate sale! (that's just my jealousy talking)
Friday I went to downtown KC for First Fridays. A little disappointing honestly. I went to at least 8 shops and I found ONE thing. Maybe I've just seen every vintage thing out there? Hopefully not.
I bought this flour sack. I'm going to attempt to embroider it. Have you guys seen those (I think it was in Country Living) anyway, now that the feeling has come back to my fingers after making all those Valentines, I thought I'd give it a try.
We'll see. 
Saturday found me at a a little antique mall that I hardly ever go to. I found the feedsack quilt top, valentines and girl silhouettes. 
A bag full for 3.00. Most places around here try to charge $5 for one (um, no) so I was happy to find these. 
These sweet girl silhouettes for my gallery wall. I've had this collection forever, I hang them with black and white photos of my kids in the dining room. I didn't have any single girl ones. Here's a pic of the wall (albeit a crap one, it's dark outside)
Trust me it looks better in person.
I got this quilt top for a song because it's in rough shape.
Lots of dark brown stains. It's soaking right now and if the stains come out I'll keep it as a quilt, otherwise I will cut it up and make pillows. But lookie how cute some of this fabric is
Ok all you feedsack experts, is this feedsack fabric? Well either way I love it. 
Today my mom and I found an indoor flea market halfway between both of our houses that neither of us knew about! How the heck did that happen? Mostly junk but I found a few things
These are old clothes pins. Stork and alligators. Odd or awesome? I'm going with awesome.
I got a Night Before Christmas book and this Merry Mailman book. My grandpa was a retired mailman so I love mail stuff.
I have one of these little dolls with a pink crocheted dress and I found her sister! But this one has holes in the top of her head and is filled with powder. She's a powder shaker, fun! 
Our last stop was the antique store we used to have a booth at. 
This is made out of tin. I loved the colors and the graphics.
Couldn't leave this behind could I? 

And a cute little bird planter. Maybe a stork? A heron? A seagull? No idea but he's cute.
The last thing I got was this vintage shelf trim. I've only seen this on blogs, never in person. And it's red and white gingham! I had to people, I just had to. 
So now my binge is over, my chakra has rebalanced, and I'm done thrifting (at least until next weekend ;) how was your weekend?


  1. You know, it's a sticky slope when thrifting and buying vintage is what gets us into messes, yet it is the thing that makes us HAPPY too. When I get stressed about having SO MUCH stuff, all I want to do is run away to the thrift store. Today, in your honor, I cleaned out one shelf in my kitchen of things that I thought I liked and filled it up with things that I KNOW I love, and I am so happy about it! I don't even miss the things I took out. Yeah me! Having said that - I love all the things you bought! The quilt has some crazy cute fabrics. And I LOVE your gallery wall all in black and white. It's fabulous!

  2. What wonderful finds! I love the prints on that quilt!

  3. Those clothes pins are to die for cute. About the feedsack question - prepare yourself for my boring response. The only way to truly identify a fabric as a feedsack is if the fabric is intact and the piece in question has the identifying marks of a feedsack. Those would be stitching holes from the thread that held it together or a label. SO, while these may very well be feedsacks, we don't really know for sure since they are already cut up. Often yard goods had the same prints as feedsacks (but sometimes there is a fabric quality difference). Anyway, I am sure this is all blah, blah, blah to anyone but me! And never mind that anyway, because it's a string quilt top with DARLING juvenile prints and lordy be I will have to close my eyes if you cut it. :-)

  4. I haven't see the alligator clips before only the stork. I was told they were use to hold a baby's blanket in place in a stroller. They are super cute. I got a kewpie powder shaker the other day. I often find them with the holes but this was the first one with powder. It was not fun to empty out so i could use it for does smell good though.

  5. I just wanted to say I love the Valentine you made for the Heart to Heart swap. I saw the bird valentine on another blog that you had given in a swap and I was so jealous. I wanted it and low and behold I received it in my swap box. I was so excited. Thanks for the awesome Valentine ornament and I love the shelf trim you found.

  6. Wow, you found lots of cute and unique goodies!! I've never seen those clothes pins, adorable! That shelf trim is cute too!
    I love the thrill of the hunt, don' t you?
    Have a great week,

  7. Wow, you found some wonderful things! First, I just love your gallery wall. What a wonderful idea! Then, I suppose the red gingham trim is my favorite, because my eyes are so drawn to red. But, everything is wonderful. The bird valentine you made with the button trim is wonderful! Ohhhhhh, so cute!

  8. I would have bought everything you got! So I think it's great finds! The clothes pins are awesome! Never seen any like that before!
    I am glad you got to have your fun!

  9. You had lots of fun favorites are the bird planter and the great gameboard!

  10. Those clothes pins are (saying in my best falsetto) aWe-sOMe! If I ever find any I would make them into something I could wear - a pendant or a necklace - they are that cute!

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