Saturday, February 7, 2015

They Said it Couldn't Be Done

Sit back and grab a coffee kids cuz today I'm going to tell you a little story. 
In 1843 a brave group of souls decided to take a journey west in search of promised lands. These people were known as Pioneers. I too took a journey over the last month or two. My promise land was a clean, organized house and a sane mind. Our stories are very similar.

The pioneers started their journey in Independence, MO
Well how bout that? I'm only 30 miles south in Overland Park, KS
Great town of OP,KS

The Pioneers knew it would take many months and they would have to overcome many obstacles

Um yeah, remember the garage?

But they were determined, and so was I.
Day in and day out they trudged on. Sometimes things went well, other times notsomuch.
They faced herds of wild bison 

Could ya move please?

Their covered wagons would hit ruts and rocks sometimes making the Pioneers fall off the wagon

I too "fell off the wagon" once or twice (or 4 times)

But still they pushed on. When they hit the Rocky Mountains they had to lighten their load to make it across the rough terrain. They dumped a lot of their possessions. 

One of seven loads taken to the thrift 

They often ran out of food and water

AAK! Who drank all my coffee???!!!!!

Sometimes they even got injured
Stupid #%!*@ weight bench!

And while at times they questioned why the HELL they even attempted this...

Crap, more tubs.

They knew it would be worth it in the end.

The craft cupboard
The garage
(See ya next year Santa!)

The butlers pantry. Lookie at all that room!

Other side. Still full but gone through, and organized!

Mailing supplies.

The eBay closet

The basement. All my mens eBay was moved down here after these shelves were emptied. 

The Desk and crafting area
Even behind the curtains is clean and organized (I pinkie swear)
Under the stairs, doesn't look like much but trust me, it was all pulled out, cleaned, much crap tossed, and organized.

The Pioneers were so happy to have made it to Oregon (well, the ones that lived anyway) but they knew that much more work lie ahead of them.
Someday I will tackle this mountain of Christmas (but not today)

If they could do it, if I could do it, than anyone can do it!

I have to thank several people for making this post possible
-GOODWILL for taking all my donations and not looking at me like I was a crazy person when I went there 3 times in one day!
-MOTHER NATURE for giving me several 60+ days in January and Febuary to work on the garage
-MY HUBBY for putting up with me and all my stuff and never complaining. He even let me donate some of his stuff as long as I didn't touch his baseball hat or  t shirt collection. (What he doesn't know won't hurt him)
-INTERNATIONAL DELIGHT for making the best coffee which KEPT ME GOING!
APARTMENTS DOWN THE STREET who happen to have a giant dumpster and a cardboard recycling bin that I visited several times (under the cover of darkness)
-ALL OF YOU I showed you all my hidden shame and you all gave me encouragement as well as tips to GIT R DONE!
Have a great week! If you need me I'll be hanging out in my garage :)


  1. Good job and what a nice feeling to have that chore behind you. So you made it to Oregon? Come knock on my door....

  2. If and when I make it to Oregon your the first stop I'm making!!

  3. I am so glad you didn't not perish along the way to Oregon! Wow what a lot of work you have done! I am proud of you. I need to do the very same thing, but I don't know where to start. I need to more this to there and that to here and this over there and that in there and oh forget it, let's eat cake and watch Ellen. I am going to TRY and find a starting point. You did GOOD! PS I loved my Valentine you made - so sweet and GOD it must have taken you FOREVER to make all those!!!!

  4. BRAVO! You ARE inspiration to the rest of us that 'new lands' are just over the horizon!!

  5. Wow what an inspiration all you ladies are. Not only are you saving the planet with all your repurposing, you also make beautiful things along with great friendships. And who doesn't need more women friends or for that matter beautiful things!!!
    This blogg'n thing is great. Although this is my daughter's blog, hope she doesn't mind my 2 cents. If you think this blog is great, you really all should do a road trip and come on over to her house for coffee. Even more amazing in person. Gotcha Marci