Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm Not Worthy

I participated in a Valentines blog swap through Viv over at Viv's Whimsy. I was paired with Dorothy front I made some cute stuff, added some extras and candy, and was pretty happy with what I sent her. Today I got her box and KABAM! Now I feel unworthy. Check out this loot!
Yes, she sent me all of this. I die from cuteness. 

This is the HANDMADE awesome fabulous crafted stuff

Yes she has mad crafting skills

Plus candy...

Plus extras...

Amazing hu? Thank you Dorothy for being a fabulous swap partner! I had a kinda rough week with a death in our family and this was such a bright happy spot. Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face. 


  1. Dorothy is a wonderful swap partner...she seems to know exactly what will cheer you up and what you love the most. You are a very fun swapper, Marci. I was so impressed with your creativity...especially that snow man in a tree-shaped cake pan...brilliant! I sometimes fret over what I have sent...but we all have different styles. I cannot even hope to keep up with some of these talented women. But I am so happy to have gotten to know so many great friends this way!

  2. Now YOU Know how I felt when I got your big giant huge fantastically wonderful fabulous Christmas swap box. I'm sure you sent her wonderful tings! You are a terrific swapper! :)

    Hey - Amy called me today and she was asking about you and the Junk Ranch. She was hoping you did okay and had a good experience from it. She felt bad that she didn't get to talk to you much at the Junk Ranch.

  3. Sounds like just the perk me up you needed. Blogland swaps are a wonderful thing.

  4. Fantastic swap package from talented Dorothy. She is so generous. I love what you made for her also. This was a vey fun Valentines swap!

  5. Dorothy is very sweet! I saw both your craft items and you are both just awesome crafters! I really enjoyed this swap, too! Sorry about your tough sell. God bless you!