Friday, February 13, 2015

New "Vintage" vs True Vintage

So the other day I found myself cruising the aisles of Hobby Lobby. It was an innocent enough trip, just needed to pick up some embroidery floss for my flour sack  project. I haven't been to Hob Lob in forever and let me just say dang girl! They have some CUTE stuff right now. I don't know how you all feel about the influx of fake vintage stuff, but this store is the Queen of fake vintage. I have mixed feelings myself. While of course I would like all my stuff to be true vintage (I'm a snob like that) sometimes you can supplement your decor with a little of the fake because
A) it's cheaper
B) it's plentiful
C) it's cheaper
I do think it's gotten a little bit crazy, seriously every time you see a new trend or idea on Pinterst, Hobby Lobby has it in their store the next freakin day. Bakers twine on old (fake) spools? Check. (Fake)  locker baskets? Check. Old (fake) clothes pins on a (fake) feedsack garland? Check. The list goes on. BUT (and that's a big BUT for you Sir Lance-A-Lot  fans) some of it is very cool and well done. Where am I going with all this, besides rambling? I bought some stuff of course.
This cool old looking (aka fake) wooden storage cubby. Complete with distressed wood and brass numbered labels. It's big, heavy, and sturdy. By the way, I have no where to put this but I had to have it. Go figure.
This distressed (fake) Flea Market sign currently hanging in the bathroom because all bathrooms should double as flea markets. 
Also got this cute little sign for my laundry supplies cart. This cart has original Chewing Gum metal labels on it. It must have been a store display. I thought Laundry was more appropriate. 
Now Hobby Lobby is the Queen of fake vintage but they certainly are not the only ones that sell it. I was at Tuesday Morning the other morning, although sadly it was a Saturday not a Tuesday, and I found this
Fake red striped grain sack runner. I love it! And in case you were wondering, those apples are also fake, got em at Goodwill years ago.  Yes, my dumb family likes their fruit cold, from the refrigerator, so I'm not allowed to have real bowls of fruit hanging around :(
So how bout you guys? Are you a true vintage/antique only kind of gal? Or do you supplement your vintage with a little fakey? If Shara would have won that dumb Powerball like she promised, I could buy everything original. Until then I'll keep on sneaking in a few cute fakes ;)


  1. I am intrigued by this red thing. One of those has been on my list for a long time to hold kids shoes. How big is it actually? I need a can of coke photo for reference! LOL The only thing I really buy are new locker baskets because the old ones are like crazy expensive here.

  2. Lots of vintage fakes out there and some times they are reproduced so well you can't resist. I have a metal shelf from Home Goods I would have searched for years to find in the wilds of estate sale land.

  3. I have let everyone down. I am such a failure. :(

    :D I was at Hobby Lobby last week and I saw a spinner rack like everyone is getting at Harbor Freight - but it only had one level and it was FIFTY BUCKS! Luckily, my Harbor Freight finally got some spinners in so now I own two of those cool suckers. I always prefer vintage if possible, but I could never find a vintage spinner that I could afford. I love that red cubby too - I didn't see that when I was there. I have a 6 foot tall cabinet with about 24 drawers in it that I splurged for at HL years ago. I could have never found a vintage one, so I bought that one - at 66% off! Woot! *Still loving that gum cart.

  4. Hilarious reference to Sir Lance-A-Lot - love it! And I love the faux flea market sign because I happen to think all bathrooms (and closets, and pantries, and garages - well you get the picture) should double as flea markets as well. I think HL has the pulse of its customers and is giving us what we can't easily find. And I like it! I love mixing old and new, authentic and repro. I could never work there as I'd spend my whole paycheck there.

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