Monday, April 16, 2012

Prom 2012

Well I got permission from Hailey to post "a couple" prom pictures.  They are plastered all over facebook so I am sure my little ol' blog that nobody reads will be just fine :)  And the weather cooperated and no major storms, although other parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska were not so lucky.  Prayers go out to those families.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Spoils

Went to a few sales this weekend.  A couple garage sales on Wednesday (yes, Wednesday) and one Estate sale on Saturday. 
Found some fun stuff and a few things for my etsy store.

Found these vintage Bird flash cards that I have never seen  before.  There are lots of cards with birds on them and a description on the back of information about the bird.  I am leaning towards keeping these.  Also a jar of old buttons.  I liked the lid on the jar and there are some great buttons in there also.

Some vintage Christmas including these little snowman and the cardboard bowls.  The bowls have great graphics and are stamped on the back "Made in West Germany"

Also found this adorable set of deer, a 1964 December issue of Good Housekeeping, some rose decals, a clock for my collection and some vintage letterman jacket numbers.

I also got the tulip tablecloth.  It doesn't fit my table so it will go into the shop. 

In other news my daughter is at prom tonight, she took the camera with her so will have to post photos later.  We are supposed to have storms tonight but so far the weather has held off.  Heres hoping it stays that way!