Thursday, November 5, 2015

Auction and Halloween Fun

Every other Wednesday an nearby auction company does an antiques and collectibles auction.  I have gone the last two auctions and had a grand time.  There is just something about the bidding and the fun atmosphere that gets me.  I took my son and his girlfriend, neither of who had ever been to an auction, and I had more fun just watching them bid.  Hilarious I tell you.  Anyway, heres what I found
Gorgeous quilt that looks never used and may have to keep, I love the colors. I won choice on quilts and this one cost me $20.00
This was a quilt top only, I got this beauty for 6.00 and it sold on eBay for $36.00.

This was a porcelain doll head. I thought of Laurie when I bought it because in faded letters it says Ethel. It cost me $4.00 and sold for $35.00
This poor clock NOBODY bid on. I actually was bidding on some old books and they threw this clock in with the book lot. The books and clock were $3.00 total and the clock has already sold for $40.00. The books turned out to be mostly crap so glad I got the clock too. ka-Ching!

I got an old Planters Peanuts jar FULL of old milk caps. I put them on eBay in 2 separate lots. (There were 2 different dairies) this group sold for $25.00. I have the other group listed for $25.00 also. The whole shebang cost me $4.00. I kept a couple and added some magnets to the back to make some fridge magnets. 
This metal doll case was $4.00 and had a baby doll and clothes with it. I listed the case and clothes separately and the case alone sold for $30.00. The doll and clothes hasn't sold yet. 
Lots more from the auction that either hasn't been listed or hasn't sold yet. A few little things I'm keeping. Lots of fun and I went back again last Wednesday and got more, I'll show that later. 

On Halloween I went to my friends party.
It was a blast, he has it every year, I think this was the 8th or 9th year. If you remember I bought a red polka dot pin up girl dress to wear. I looked like fat MInnie Mouse in it so decided to not wear it. Decided to go as an 80's girl instead. Found the whole outfit right in my own closet. Not sure what that says about me.
Complete with microphone. There was a DJ there and yes I did sing Cindy Laupers GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN. I'll spare you the video. 
My friend, her husband and her son went as Minions. Not gonna lie, their costumes freaked me out a bit. She made the glasses out of rings off of mason jars which was pretty genius. 
No idea who these people were but they nailed the Dracula costumes. 
This is my friend Tim that hosted the party. He was Stevie Wonder. In real life he is white and bald. Hilarious. 
My oldest son and his girlfriend were Danny and Sandy from grease. She looked just like her!
My crazy friend Cindy and her husband went as Sonny & Cher
This is what they really look like. Haha!
We had a good time and I hope you enjoyed the pics! How was your Halloween? Till next time!