Sunday, January 18, 2015

Something Old Something New

Hello everyone. Can't believe January is half over and also the lovely weather we've had the last few days! I know it is a cruel trick of that fickle lady Mother Nature but I will enjoy it while I can. I don't know about you, but nice weather makes me want to get out and about and of course we all know what that means. I have been on a spending freeze and clean out of my house, but some rules are made to be broken. I promise, I was good, I held back, I only bought a little tiny bit. And the cleanout is going very well (post to come) y'all will be proud of me! 
Now first for the something new. A few weeks ago I was reading someone's blog (can't for the life of me remember which blog, sorry) and they showed this light box kit. I have been wanting one, it was on Amazon, and  I happened to have an Amazon gift card buring a hole in my pocket.
It has two tripod lights, a pop up box with 3 other background colors, and it all folds flat for easy storage. I was excited to get this for pics of all the little things I sell on ebay. And, I was going to use it to show you my thrift finds. However, not 5 seconds after I set it up I knocked one of the lights off the table and broke it. I turned around to pick it up and promptly knocked off the other one off and broke it. FRICK! So, until I get some replacement bulbs, crappy pics it is. 
So my mom and I headed to Lawrence (home of the University of Kansas). Such a cute town and you have never seen such a thriving downtown. Lawrence refuses to let a mall be built so they can keep the downtown prosperous and it works. Tons of shops and restaurants in an adorable small town setting and the whole placed packed to the gills with people. I should of taken a picture but that's what Google is for, go look it up :) We went to an antique mall, goodwill and Salvation Army. Here's what came home with me
The blue lamb planter is from Salvation Army. Not normally my thing but look how cute! It just spoke to me. No really,  it said "please rescue me from this 1980 wooden heart cutout shelf and get those  hideous 1970 flowers out of my back!" What was I supposed to do, ignore him? I didn't think so. 
The little mica bird was cute and funny, the best combo in a person or a mica bird. Check out his crazy eyes
Haha, cracks me up. The rose box is cardboard and from the spine, looks like a book
But open it and it's a box. I wonder what kind of roses were in it. They were "delicately scented" for a delicate lady so nobody would have ever given them to me. 

I thought it would be fun in my Valentines decor. 
These red and yellow glasses are tiny! I'm talking maybe hold one shot of peppermint schnapps tiny! Hey, maybe that's what I will use them for! Just kidding, my drinking days are loooooong behind me. 
But they have bubbles on them! How seriously adorbs. I also got another enamel pin to add to the tiny dress form
And speaking of dress forms, last week I was at Goodwill dropping off a car load of stuff. I had to run inside real quick, not to shop but to use the restroom. Hey, it might be true. Anyway, while I was dashing for the restroom something caught my eye. 
Tell me you wouldn't have stopped and grabbed that. I have been wanting a dress form forever. Preferably an older one, and I still do (Celeste, keep looking!) but I thought this was fun. I think I am going to clothespin old postcards and stuff to it. Wouldn't that be cute? 
So that is my last two weeks in junk. See, not bad hu? And like a said, the clean up and clean out is going great. Not quite done with it yet (it's a very big job) but I will post some pics of my progress very soon! Till then! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top 10 Thrifty Finds That I Never Showed You Bedroom Edition

Happy 2015 everyone!! Hope you had a magical New Year's Eve. I went to my moms and watched a Mike & Molly marathon and ate my weight in chocolate. Fun times! I was going to make one last thrift trip of 2014 yesterday  to my Goodwill and when I got there at 6pm they were locking the doors! Nooooooo! Don't they know ITS MY LAST TRIP FOR A LONG TIME! I pounded on the doors, I pleaded, I cried, they called the cops. Not really, I just sadly walked back to my car and left. Ok hoarder gods, I can take a hint.
But surely you didn't think I wasn't going to do anymore thrifty finds posts? I've got enough finds that I haven't shared to cover the whole year. So let's get to it. These are my top 10 thrifty finds for 2014 that all live in my bedroom. 
#1- This lovely little dresser is serving as my nightstand. Found a few months ago at Savers. It had a $40.00 price tag, I had a 30% off coupon and the rest is history. It's an Eastlake dresser, solid wood with carved floral design, ceramic caster feet, and KEYHOLES! I love it! Best find for sure
#2- The next find was actually found by my mom. I collect paint by numbers of flowers and she found these two huge pictures  at an estate sale on 1/2 price day
Only 6 bucks! I had the perfect spot for them above my bed. 
#3- Speaking of bed, I found this gorgeous hand appliqu├ęd quilt at an estate sale in September. It was family run by three sisters and their mom had made it. They were sad to see it go, I felt a little bad. 
I was going to sell it but when I got it home it went perfect on the end of my bed
It's a keeper. 
#4- I found this metal shelf thing at an antique store. It was painted distressed black which made it look like it had been in a fire
I guess that's why it was only $15.00. I could see its beauty and with a quick coat of spray paint it is cute once again! Holds some of my books and magazines and T shirts. 
Hanging above that is find #5. I actually got this in 2013 at a Junk show I did. A fellow dealer had this in her booth
It is an old hosiery plaque thing. The dealer had added glass knobs to it. I hang my necklaces on it. 
#6- huge turquoise wooden box
I got this at a garage sale. One of my all time favorite sales ever. She was changing out her whole house from vintage to modern and her stuff was incredible and cheap. I hit the sale on the last day so I hate to think of what I missed. This beauty was one dollar!
A close up of the top
It holds a lot of stuff! Jewelry and a lot of that little stuff that you don't know what to do with but don't want to part with (story of my life)
#7- I almost didn't buy this pink chair
It was at a garage sale and the guy only had one of them. Bit when he told me it was $2.00 I had to have it. It sits next to my tv cabinet and is a great place to rest a heavy basket of laundry. That needs putting away. Or not. 
I love the silver nailhead trim on the back
Cute hu? I keep my eyes peeled for some matching ones but so far nada.
#7- dress form. Ok I would like a life size, real dress form but in the mean time this little one will do.
I found this at goodwill covered in hideous blue fabric. I ripped that nonsense off and covered her in burlap. I made this to take to Junk Ranch to sell pins on and it worked beautifully. When I got home I thought, why not use it for my own pins! So I did. I used to have a ton of these flower pins but I sold most of them in my antique booth. Then I realized I really liked them and started collecting them for myself. Now I wish I had them back. You ever do that?
#8- cute turquoise fan
No big story here.  Found it cheap, who wouldn't buy it? Brought it home. 
#9-Another pink chair
I found this adorable pink chair at Goodwill for $20. It had a skirt attached to the bottom with about 600 million staples. Took me forever to rip them all out but I persevered and I love those little curvy legs. (The little pillow is thrifted and the footstool was also thrifted and recovered with a feedsack.) love me some cute pink chairs!
#10- if anyone is still even reading, is my yellow bird.
Got for a couple bucks at a garage sale.
Loved the colors and style and he is perched on my hubby's dresser. 
So those are my 2014 thrifty finds that live in my bedroom. I'll leave you with a few pics of the whole room so you can get a gist of the overall look. Thanks for stopping by.
Also? I am getting a new camera today! DOWN WITH CRAPPY CELL PHONE PICS!!! Whoot!