Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm in Hog Heaven! I got a vintage Canned Ham Camper!

Meet Hammy, my new to me 1950's vintage camper. Isn't it adorable? About two years ago my friend Tim told me that his sister had this camper that she might want to sell. I have literally bugged him for TWO years to ask her if she would sell it to me. This week my dream came true! Not only did she sell me it, she sold it for an unreal, fantastic price. The good news is that it has a new suspension system, redone electrical work, custom built metal storage boxes and new paint. The down side is the interior has not been touched in 60 years. But hey, thats the fun part as far as I'm concerned! AmIRight?? It's full of junk but as soon as it gets cleaned out I will post a pic of the interior. Need lots of before pics so we can follow the progress of this cutie getting the vintage royal treatment! Now that's what I call a vintage finds post! How was your week?

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