Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Name Game

Quick update.  We changed the name to Curious Nest.  (or is the whole nest thing too overdone????) But I do like little birdies and nests sooooo, maybe we will keep it.  If they don't send out the ding dang contract pretty soon I am not going to even open the stupid booth!  Come on lady, get it sent already!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Day

Just found out that mom and I rented a space at Rusty Chandelier!  We have been talking about renting a booth together and today one opened up!  I love etsy, and my non vintage items do great on ebay, but I have wanted a space forever for the bigger items that are just too hard to ship or the stuff that is just FUN to display! If you have never been it is on I 29, just north of  St Joseph, Mo.  There is an antique mall next door called Jesse James (also a great place).  Rust Chandelier also sells antiques, but it is more of a boutique feel, and you can find lots of other items like lotions, cute handmade items and home decor. We get to move in Febuary  1st so time to gather, clean, and organize!!  Pictures to come!  Sorry so many exclamation points when I promised I would cut down but I am excited!!!!!!!!  Ok, I am done now.  If you get a chance to stop by  we are in the back corner and our space is called "Jessie's Attic" (maybe, we think, not 100% sure, actually it will probably change, I'll keep you updated)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pickin Iowa

In Iowa this weekend to visit my mom and have a little girl time :)  We have had a great weekend so far including some great treasures found!

My first stop Friday was the local thrift store.  Found some cute yellow melmac cream and sugar as well as a cute bowl.  Also found a valentines day planter, a cute wooden bunny ornament (made in austria) and a some craft items including snoopy rubber stamps, lace and beistle bells.

After the thrift I went to my favorite junk/antique store.  She always has great items at great prices.  Heres what I found there

A square rose tin, tiny flamingo tray, cute heart mug with cupids on the handle, and my fav finds, a celluloid fan (with hearts!), 4 spun head umbrella picks (the umbrella part opens up) and an old scrapbook from 1950 FULL of cards.  Most were graduation cards, the girl graduating also had her graduation announcement from 1950.  Inside each card someone, probably the girl's mom, wrote what each person had given the girl for  a present.  1950 must have been a popular year to give hankies, nylons and pearls as graduation gifts.  That girl got A LOT of them.  She was probably thinking, damn, how about some cash people?

Today we hit up some fun stores in Des Moines.  We each found a few treasures.  Mine included a snoopy trash can (for my son)  some Dennison seals, an old Old Maid card game and some Fire King Jadeite saucers to go with my coffee cups that are missing them.  I also got this cute Little Bo Peep bowl.  Fun weekend hanging out with my mom.  Have a great week all!


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend in Review

Well, estate sales are few and far between around here.  I am already counting down the days until spring and the real sales start.  I did hit one sale of a guy who usually has killer stuff at great prices.  Unfortunately I got there late and most of it was gone.  Also sad that he is moving away, no more sales :(
But I did get one thing from him.  This huge tub of sewing notions for a steal!  I don't really sew but my mom just bought me a sewing machine so I may have to kick it in gear!  There was so much stuff.

Tons of rick rack, seam binding, bead thingies, some cool lace, even a few things of glitter!!  I also hit up a thrift store that I had never been to.  It was one of the biggest thrifts I have been in, however their prices matched their size.  I did find this cute Scottie dog paper set from Hallmark that seems to be new. 

On a side note I am pretty proud that I added pictures to this post!  Ya me!  Thanks for the encouragement and support from my blogland friends!


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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year New Blog

Well typepad confused me so lets go back to blogger. Welcome to my new (old?) blog that I have tried on a few sites with a few names. Pretty daunting that naming thing. Why parsley vintage? Well, it had to have vintage in it because this blog is mostly about vintage, decor, and of course the always awesome before and afters, with maybe a post or two about the fam, but not too much because this is mine dangit! Parsley is kind of an inside joke with my siblings. Let's just say it used to make me cry when I was a kid. Hope you enjoy looking around!