Saturday, August 29, 2015

Feelin' It In The Air

We have that little bit of change in our weather, a small chill in the air that tells you fall is just around the corner. And I say BRING IT! I'm over summer, it was a rough one, but life is settling down. I love this time of year, one of my favorites. Kids are back at college (3 of them) kitties are getting bigger everyday (they just turned one! and yes I did turn into a crazy cat person, thanks for asking) the weather has been gorgeous and football is about to start! I LOVE football. I'm a diehard Husker fan because I was born and raised in Nebraska. But I also love the HOGS!! (Shara, stop rolling your eyes)  that's the Arkansas Razorbacks for all you people not in the know. Two of my kids live and go to college down in Fayetteville, and I absolutely love that town. And of course I live in Kansas City so you know I'm a huge KC Cheifs fan! So yeah, great time of year. I decided to overhaul the booth with the fall theme in mind. I took out lots of smalls about a week ago, then have been gathering a pile of neutral, black, white, halloween or fall related. This is what I came up with
Overall shot

Left side
Right side
I thought it turned out pretty good and out of 60 some vendors only 2 others besides me had fall stuff displayed. So maybe I can get a jump on the shoppers looking for fall and halloween items. If you can believe it neither Target or Walmart has their fall stuff out yet! I took some of my Halloween collection.. The plan was to take it all, but when I pulled it out I just couldn't do it. I had to keep a lot of my good stuff. Like all my Gurley candles. And my honeycomb pumpkins. And my Biestle die cuts. And my blow molds. You get the picture. But come on, you people know how hard to find that stuff is!

In junkin news, I actually have been junkin recently and found some fun stuff. I plan to post tomorrow on the new finds. Stay tuned...

Saturday, August 15, 2015


My mom passed away July 19th. It happened quicker than any of us were expecting and my heart is broken but I'm glad she's out of pain and up in heaven. I'll see her again someday and will miss her dearly in the meantime. Things are getting back to routine again and I will start blogging again soon. Just wanted to update.