Sunday, December 8, 2013

I Love/Hate ebay!

ThIs is the time of year when I really love/hate ebay. I've been selling for almost three years now and this holiday season has been my best ever. Sold quite a few things and the money has really helped out. I list enough to keep me busy but not too much like some sellers out there, makes me whoozy just looking at how many items they keep listed!  As you know, the more things you sell the more chance you have to run into nut jobs. This year in particular has been FULL of them. For example, I purchased a few Tommy Bahama T shirts at Macy's. Now mind you, these are brand new with tags attached. Sold one last week. Get a message yesterday that they want to return it because they don't think it is "authentic". They think the picture on the back looks "printed on" . Uhh, last time I checked Macy's doesn't sell counterfeit items? And the graphic looks printed on because IT IS PRINTED ON. Maybe they think I put fake tags on it?? Like I said, crazy. Another person purchased this purse from me
Cute Michael Kors bag.  She attempts to pay for it, payment says pending, she messages me 6 times..all with the same message "Did my payment clear". No, your payment did not clear because you have NO money in your Paypal account and you have no backup account to pay for it if your Paypal is empty. Then she says to just cancel it. So I do. Like the completely rational person she is, she messages me again saying "I don't want a strike against me, so I do want it, I just paid" again the payment is stuck in Pending because AGAIN, she has no money in Paypal to pay for it and still no backup account.  Yet again she messages me (about 10 times) to see if her payment has cleared. Does she think fairies are gonna fly in and magically pay for this purse for her? I finally canceled her stupid pending payment, opened a case, and blocked her from ever bidding on my stuff again. Seriously what is wrong with people?? I could give you ten more stories but I'm sure if you sell you know exactly what I'm saying. People are loony tunes! 
Anyway enough about Febay!  I'm totally taking the month of January off from it! 

Now in thriftin, decorating, Christmas news, I have most of my decorating done..yeah me! A few months back I was out shopping with my sis and came across this AWESOME cardboard santa sign. I knew he would be front and center in my decor and I couldn't wait to get him up! Check it...

Heres a close up. It hung in a bank and it says ~ "and suddenly it's Christmas. Join our Christmas Club" Serious love. And so true, because doesn't all of the sudden it seem like Christmas is coming way too fast this year?? 
In retrospect, I wish I HAD joined a Christmas Club. People were so much smarter with their money back then. (And bought 90% less crap, guess that helped too). 

One last decor shot. This time we are in the kitchen. This is my bakers rack near my back door and fridge. Decided to house my mug collection there, you know, in case I get thirsty.
A girl can never have too many mugs. That's my motto anyway.