Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend in Review

Well, estate sales are few and far between around here.  I am already counting down the days until spring and the real sales start.  I did hit one sale of a guy who usually has killer stuff at great prices.  Unfortunately I got there late and most of it was gone.  Also sad that he is moving away, no more sales :(
But I did get one thing from him.  This huge tub of sewing notions for a steal!  I don't really sew but my mom just bought me a sewing machine so I may have to kick it in gear!  There was so much stuff.

Tons of rick rack, seam binding, bead thingies, some cool lace, even a few things of glitter!!  I also hit up a thrift store that I had never been to.  It was one of the biggest thrifts I have been in, however their prices matched their size.  I did find this cute Scottie dog paper set from Hallmark that seems to be new. 

On a side note I am pretty proud that I added pictures to this post!  Ya me!  Thanks for the encouragement and support from my blogland friends!


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  1. I love the notions. I almost bought a bag of sewing notions/patterns myself yesterday, but talked myself out of it.

    1. Yes, they are tempting. Now to figure out what to do with them!