Sunday, November 17, 2013

You've got mail

My middle son turns 21 this Friday. He can't come home from college for his birthday since he will be here a week later for Thanksgiving break. I decided to mail him a surprise package.

Of course I found this idea on Pinterest. I'm great at copying. Know what else I copied?

Jar cupcakes! After you cook em, top with frosting, seal with lid and freeze. The day you are ready to mail them you just take them out of the freezer, throw in a box with an ice pack and WALLAA! Fresh from home cupcakes! The blog I found these on said she mailed hers clear across the country (2-3 day Priority) and they were perfect when they got there. So keep your fingers crossed for me that they turn out. These are Arkansas Red Velvet in case your wondering ;)

In thrifting news I found something today that I have been searching for. It is a Flat On The Back Side Light Up Hanging Santa Face (pretty sure that's the official name ).  I have lots of blow molds, but this particular one is one that my Great Grandmother had when we were kids and I've wanted one forever! This may just kick start my Christmas decorating :)

Isn't he purty??


  1. So the officieal name is Flat On The Back Side Light Up Hanging Santa Face? Will make a note of that! I have quite a few of them and they are going to be highlighted in my soon to begin Christmas decor.
    Curious to see how the cupcakes make the trip..happy birthday to Tyler.