Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Truckin Along

So my mom and I did a bit of thriftin/antiquing last week and I thought I'd share some of my finds. Normally I bring home my stuff and it gets stuffed in a closet, box, drawer or open spot till I figure out how and where to use it. This time I put all my finds into commish right away! 
Got this perfect shade of green table cloth, this old red truck that was missing the cab and peeking in the background is a set of orange vintage lockers. 

First up, the truck. It was dirt cheap cuz of the missing cab, but fine by me, the better to make this...

Saw this in a Country Living and have been wanting to copy it forever. Who knew succulents were so darn cute? And easy to grow? And cheap? Well I'm on to them now and seriously in love. Here's a few more pics
It's currently parked in the living room.
I also put that tablecloth to use. I know, I know, it's very spring looking and we currently have 10" of snow on the ground but hey, I'm trying to pretend its 70 and lovely out. 
Last but definitely not least are those lockers. Vintage lockers, orange color, grids, ugh! What's not to love? These suckers prompted a whole room redo. My son is away at college so surely he won't mind if I vintage up his room a bit? I don't have a befor pic because I am a piss poor blogger but here is the after...
I rearranged the room and they fit perfectly in the corner
Vintage globes on top.

The wall used to have a bulletin board that I made on it. I took it apart and was left with a big black square.  I didn't have any paint to cover it so I decided to make it a bigger black square and turn it into a chalkboard. The orange color of the lockers also prompted me to get out the sewing machine (gasp!) and whip up a cute pillow

Some old ticking fabric and a vintage letterman letter was all I needed. 
My vintage chalk collection found a home on the desk. The desk was found a few years ago at my friends mom's estate sale. It came out of an old hotel in downtown Kansas City. The top lifts up and folds back to reveal little cubbies. Makes a perfect bedside table. 

The other side of the room needs some work. I put a table in here for a desk but would like to find an old chippy white table and add some shelves to the wall.  My sis gave me the awesome porcelain sign. She found it at a thrift store for $6.00. Yowzers! Wish that happened every day! 

That's my thrifty finds for the week. In the spirit of Valentines day I'll leave you with a pic of my chalkboard in the family room (I am a little obsessed with chalkboards, I don't care if they are "so last year") 

Totally cribbed from Pinterest. 

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  1. Loving your son's redo..thank you very much orange lockers for the inspiration. Ben's room is on the list of flips..once he graduates and finds a job..that room is changing!