Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey day, Black Friday and Thrifty Finds

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! My husband and 3 of the kids went out of town to Omaha to see family and I stayed here and spent it with my mom and oldest son. My mom cooked, I cleaned up, and it was delicious! When the fam got home (about 11pm) my daughter wanted to go Black Friday shopping at midnight. Since I never get to see her anymore except on holidays I agreed to go. We hit a few close stores but she really wanted to drive down to the Plaza and go to Urban Outfitters and see the Plaza lights. Ugh, so far, so tired, but she begged so off we went. I was glad we did because I found something for me!
Yes they are KICK ASS boots, thanks for noticing. And marked down from 99.00 to 39.99. And half off because of Black Friday. Yup, $20.00! I love them. When I got home I was kicking myself  that I didn't buy more to flip on ebay! I guess shopping at 3 am doesn't make your mind the sharpest tack in the shed.
Since 90% of my wardrobe comes from the Goodwill this was a fun treat. Ok, on to the thrift junk 
Let me start with a little story. About a month ago my van died. It had a good run (it was 14 yrs old) but when they told me it ended a new engine, I knew it was time for a new vehicle. I found one on craigslist in a town about an hour west of me. So I called my mom to see if she wanted to go with me and look at it. Since it was an hour away, I had the great idea that we could stop at all the little towns on the way there and check out the thrift and antique stores. Our first stop was actually not that far but we found a thrift store I had never been to. I found my favorite find of the day there

This is a big (about 11/2' wide by 2' long) wooden heavy Tiny Tot Nursery. It has cellophane windows, tiny paper flowers and the roof lifts off

Inside were 4 tiny metal cots, a wooden chest, table, chairs and playpen. You might remember that this summer I found a box that had a bunch of tiny plastic dolls in it. Well they just happened to fit in the wee little cots

It is the cutest thing ever. I couldn't find anything like it on the internet so maybe it's handmade? Wouldn't it be cute decked out for Christmas? And so much easier to decorate than a real house! 
Here's the table and some tiny books that were also in there
This pic is with the whole structure removed. It's not attached so you can take it apart. Check out the linoleum. 
I haven't decided what to do with it, keep or sell. It takes up some room, but oh my, s'cute! 
I found lots of great Christmas items too but some are presents for a certain someone that reads this blog so I can't show you.

So the tiny tot nursery was my best find but my best purchase was this guy

Ain't it a beaut? Jeep Patriot with plenty of room for junking and hauling all my thrifty finds! 
I'm seriously in love with it. Road trip anyone? I'll drive! 
I'll leave you with a vintage holiday decor picture. This is my Hoosier, all decked out in red, green and white. 

It needs some greenery me thinks. Well, it's getting late and I want to get up early and shop so I must get some sleep. Till next time...


  1. OH, that little nursery is just THE BEST. I love it. What a fun, fun find. I drive a Ford Escape that looks an awful like your car - gray and all. Having a new to you car is such a nice feeling isn't it? I love your Hoosier all decked out. Enjoy your kick ass boots and your shopping! :)

  2. I would have no common sense at all at 3 a.m....but those boots are great and a great bargain! Great looking cabinet...something about the red of Christmas and that Jadeite!

  3. Love your cabinet - especially all those Santa mugs!!!!

  4. I missed this post over the holiday...OMG I love those Santas! I am almost ready to mail your Kitchen Swap items. I had a lot of fun making everything. I'm finding that I am getting more creative if I have a theme to work with. I am almost done with Christmas shopping, so I will have more time to craft. those boots!!!

  5. Marci, could you please resend me your address? I have misplaced it and the email it came in. Sorry to be such a dunce! =D

  6. Here is my email if you need

  7. How did I miss this post? Your hoosier is to die for! I don't have a single piece of jadeite. And I just love how it looks with Christmas stuff! So I guess I better find some! All of your holiday d├ęcor is so pretty!
    Mari, will you please email me right away? Shirley and I can't figure out if you're doing the swap or not, and packages need to be mailed by tomorrow. My email is Hope you're ok!
    Erica :)