Sunday, January 18, 2015

Something Old Something New

Hello everyone. Can't believe January is half over and also the lovely weather we've had the last few days! I know it is a cruel trick of that fickle lady Mother Nature but I will enjoy it while I can. I don't know about you, but nice weather makes me want to get out and about and of course we all know what that means. I have been on a spending freeze and clean out of my house, but some rules are made to be broken. I promise, I was good, I held back, I only bought a little tiny bit. And the cleanout is going very well (post to come) y'all will be proud of me! 
Now first for the something new. A few weeks ago I was reading someone's blog (can't for the life of me remember which blog, sorry) and they showed this light box kit. I have been wanting one, it was on Amazon, and  I happened to have an Amazon gift card buring a hole in my pocket.
It has two tripod lights, a pop up box with 3 other background colors, and it all folds flat for easy storage. I was excited to get this for pics of all the little things I sell on ebay. And, I was going to use it to show you my thrift finds. However, not 5 seconds after I set it up I knocked one of the lights off the table and broke it. I turned around to pick it up and promptly knocked off the other one off and broke it. FRICK! So, until I get some replacement bulbs, crappy pics it is. 
So my mom and I headed to Lawrence (home of the University of Kansas). Such a cute town and you have never seen such a thriving downtown. Lawrence refuses to let a mall be built so they can keep the downtown prosperous and it works. Tons of shops and restaurants in an adorable small town setting and the whole placed packed to the gills with people. I should of taken a picture but that's what Google is for, go look it up :) We went to an antique mall, goodwill and Salvation Army. Here's what came home with me
The blue lamb planter is from Salvation Army. Not normally my thing but look how cute! It just spoke to me. No really,  it said "please rescue me from this 1980 wooden heart cutout shelf and get those  hideous 1970 flowers out of my back!" What was I supposed to do, ignore him? I didn't think so. 
The little mica bird was cute and funny, the best combo in a person or a mica bird. Check out his crazy eyes
Haha, cracks me up. The rose box is cardboard and from the spine, looks like a book
But open it and it's a box. I wonder what kind of roses were in it. They were "delicately scented" for a delicate lady so nobody would have ever given them to me. 

I thought it would be fun in my Valentines decor. 
These red and yellow glasses are tiny! I'm talking maybe hold one shot of peppermint schnapps tiny! Hey, maybe that's what I will use them for! Just kidding, my drinking days are loooooong behind me. 
But they have bubbles on them! How seriously adorbs. I also got another enamel pin to add to the tiny dress form
And speaking of dress forms, last week I was at Goodwill dropping off a car load of stuff. I had to run inside real quick, not to shop but to use the restroom. Hey, it might be true. Anyway, while I was dashing for the restroom something caught my eye. 
Tell me you wouldn't have stopped and grabbed that. I have been wanting a dress form forever. Preferably an older one, and I still do (Celeste, keep looking!) but I thought this was fun. I think I am going to clothespin old postcards and stuff to it. Wouldn't that be cute? 
So that is my last two weeks in junk. See, not bad hu? And like a said, the clean up and clean out is going great. Not quite done with it yet (it's a very big job) but I will post some pics of my progress very soon! Till then! 


  1. Hi Marci,
    I like your goodwill finds, and I especially like the light box from amazon!
    I need one of those, my pictures are usually too dark.
    I'm looking forward to swapping with you on Viv's Valentine Swap,
    but I need your email address please.

  2. I wouldn't use the restroom at my Salvation Army for all the tea in China. But, I would have bought that dress form! :) My husband bought me one of those lightboxes years ago. The bulbs blew out and I could never find replacements. I imagine the new ones are easier to find. Are your kiddos back in Fayetteville?

  3. I had those lights, several times. And broke them, several times. eventually switched to either using student desk lamps with the flexible necks angled in the direction I wanted with light bulbs in them or just putting the light tent near windows on my porch. Both work about the same. The student lamps have solid heavy bases so don't fall over when you merely at them like the "real" ones.

  4. I couldn't have said "No" to lambie-pie either! Sorry about your bulbs...dang, I would have kicked my own butt! I hate it when I break stuff that costs me money! But really, just use flex necked student lamps (thrift store). They use regular bulbs and are hard to knock over. I made my own box but it takes up so much space! It'd be nice if it folded up!
    love, rosie