Saturday, January 23, 2016

A trip to the Mall (the good kind of mall, antique!)

So sometimes you just gotta get out of the house and go where you know lots of good stuff is all conviently located in one spot, the antique mall. A few weeks ago I was feeling just such an urge. 
Here are some things I saw...
SCARY! This guy was about 24" tall and if he wasn't $65.00 I would have bought him just to scare my kids. Can you imagine waking up to this? Light up yellow eyes and all. 
Scary in a totally different way! I had this exact basket in my first apartment oh so long ago. Let's agree on a couple things, it's NOT an antique, and it's no cuter today than it was back then. (I had no taste at 19) 
GORGEOUS! The color, the shape, the price! It was $295 which seemed cheap to me, but I've never looked at prices so I could be wrong. But still out of my price range (get it? Range) so I sadly moved on. 

Uhhhm, I'm pretty sure this was mine. If you remember waaaay back I went to an auction and bought two of these wooden awning things. Well they sat in my garage taking up a lot of space for well over a year. In December we had our annual big trash pickup. Yep, I put these out on the curb and like most items out there, they got picked up before the trash man came. And apparently ended up in this antique mall. Which is a little hilarious. I paid like $10.00, this guy found them for free, and his mall price was $65.00. Which I guess was a good price because he sold the other one (the front ladies confirmed it) I say good for him, you gotta get your junk wherever you can. 

This came home with me. Cute, fun to play with, and I already have one so why not buy another. All criteria in a good buy ;)
My first one was hanging on my Hoosier door, so I put this one on the other door. Hard to get a good pic, the sun comes in that window. Speaking of Hoosier, I will show you one of my Christmas gifts. 
The repro green jadeite cake stand. And before you think to yourself, gee Marci sure is lucky, her family totally gets her and buys her cool gifts, lemme tell you how it really goes down. I'm cruising around World Market and spot this beauty. I've been wanting one ever since Shara showed hers she got at WalMart! It's the last one and I don't want someone else to buy it. Take it up to the counter to have them put a 24 hour hold on it. The next day send my husband to the correct store to get my exact item and wrap it for me. That's how that works. 
Doesn't it look perfect there?  I Agree. 

Lastly I got this giant plastic pig to go with my smaller plastic pig collection. The sad part is I got home and for the life of me don't know where I put the dang pigs. Maybe I sold them? Who knows
Sad piggy has no friends :(

Anyway, I'm leaving tonight for San Diego. My son is working for American Airlines so we get to fly free. He called me up and said lets go to the San Diego zoo on Sunday. So we're flying out tonight and leaving Monday morning. How fun is that? Did I mention its going to be sunny and 67 in San Diego? It is 22 here with snow on the ground. I'm out!

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  1. Dude. I totally forgot about my cake stand! I put it in the closet until after the holidays. IT'S AFTER THE HOLIDAYS. I gotta go find that thing! Also, you will remember that I bought it myself. No husband, no present. JUST FOR ME. :D Now that lamp. OH my goodness. No way Jose. You have fun on your trip. I haven't flown since 1994. I think some things have changed since then.