Monday, March 26, 2012

Thrift Share Monday

I often tell people how great my goodwill is.  I have been to other GW's  and none compare to mine.  I am in a wealthy area so you would think the stuff would be good but the prices would be high.  Well, the stuff is good and the prices are very reasonable.  I have been to other goodwills in less affluent neighborhoods and am always amazed at how much higher the prices are.  Makes no sense to me but I am not complaining.  Recently I was at my Goodwill, in line to check out when I noticed the workers bringing out the base of a table.  It looked like oak and was rather large.  I was intrigued.  I stepped out of line to look at it and the tag read "coffe table".  The 2 guys working said they were going to go get the top of the table.  Before I even saw the top I told the cashier to put a sold sign on it because I wanted it.  Why you ask?  Well, for one reason I knew it was a dining table, not a coffee table.  Also I knew it was made of oak.  Lastly I could tell it was old. Behold the beauty....


Isn't it great????  60" round tiger oak antique pedestal dining table circa 1900.  Now tell me, who gives this kind of thing to a goodwill??  I'm not even gonna tell you what I paid for it cuz I feel a wee bit guilty.  The question is whether to sell or keep.  I love it and want to keep it, my kids and husband say sell (they have no appreciation for fine antiques and would rather put the money toward a vacation).  I have grown quite attatched but I think I am going to get an appraisal and go from there.  Pretty as it is, a good chunk of do-re-me may change my mind :)  What would you do???

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  1. What a beautiful find!Keep it for awhile-you can always sell it if you get tired of it. It reminds me of a table my church has in its foyer-they usually keep a big floral arrangement on it.

    1. Yes it is beautiful. Sitting in the middle of my living room right now. Maybe I should get a flower arrangement for it :)

  2. Oh, what a great table. Keep it for at least 6 months...then see how you feel?

  3. Nice find with the table!

    I know what you mean with GW in affluent area, I have two in my town and they get crazy good donations!

  4. This table is more beautiful when you see it in person. i told her to keep it, the heck with her family. She also got 4 fabulous chairs at a garage sale from Pottery Barn for $5.00 a piece!!!!
    We now refer to that sale as Pottery Barn lady. The stuff people get rid of astounds me, (Thank God) why would you ever pay retail?