Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thrifty finds

Well I haven't posted any of my finds for awhile and I have some fun new stuff.  Last weekend my daughter and I went to St Louis over spring break to spend some time with family.  Did a lot of touristy things like the Arch, City Museum, ate at Fitz's and went horseback riding (sore legs for 2 days after that!)  Of course while I was there my neices took me to a local antique mall.  Found the wire tree (have been searching for one of those for a while now) some plastic pig banks and some clown heads.

The yellow pig bank I already had and I got the red and pink one.  I thought they were the same shape until I got home and realized they were different.  My blog friend Laurie from Magpie Ethel also is collecting these guys and we are in a official "PIG RACE" to each find a rainbow of these piggies :)

This weekend my mom came to visit and you know we did some thriftin'. Friday we hit some garage sales.  I found a pile of vintage coloring books, a huge bag of magnetic fridge letters, some vintage chalk to add to my collection, a Mele jewelry box, glitter and a bunch of stuff to resell on ebay (that is too boring for a photo). 

These books on the right are  my fav.  They are color by number story books (unused) and they totally remind me of my childhood.   Remember color by number?  I used to get mad when my friends didn't follow the correct color number guide.  "The shirt is number 6 which is green so stop coloring it pink!"  I was kinda bossy.
The chalk went with my chalk collection.  This is a fairly new collection.  My mom made the chalkboard and gave it to me a few years ago so I have been picking up old chalk boxes when I see them.  Today I put this shelf up to show off the boxes.  I think I need more :)
Saturday we hit the estate sales and a vintage market.  I found a few things there too (imagine that).
Wood red plant stand, handmade flower pillow, yellow folding ruler and some black and white pics.  My mom bought me the pillow for my birthday which is Tuesday (thanks MOM!).  The ruler will be added to my collection.  I have never seen a yellow one.  I bought the plant stand as a gift to myself :)  And the photos I just thought were cool.

Isn't she great?  I think she is winning some sort of beauty contest.

We also hit the flea market today but this post is long enough so I will save that for another day.  And if you read this far you get a cookie :)  Have a good week!

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