Saturday, May 26, 2012

Brownville Flea Market

There is a small town north of me called Brownville.  It is located in Nebraska and runs along the Missouri river.  It has a small population but twice a year holds a huge flea market and people flock from miles around to go.  I try to go every year over Memorial Day Weekend.  Great junk, great prices, great people.  Last year it was flooded so they couldn't have it, so you know I was jonesin' to hit it this year.  Besides being 94 degrees and looking like a run over dog, I was not dissapointed.  Heres what I got

4 galvanized buckets, some KILLER old wooden dumbells, and an old street sign (bought for my aunt).  I also bought an old half apron from a lumber company (to carry my little stuff) and a green tray for my kitchen.  On the way home I stopped at HobLob for some stencils so I could turn my buckets into this...

Kind of a industrial chic look right?  I have decorating ADD and can never settle on one style so my house has about 10 different styles going on at any one time.  You could call it vintage, retro, industrial, traditional or you could be one of my kids and call it GARAGE SALE CRAP.  Whatev. Now here is a close up of my todiefor barbells...

Told you they were cool :)

Oh, and I met a great gal named Kindra.  Her and her husband run the Weston Primitive Company and do shows all over the place. (25 this year!  that makes me tired thinking about).  She has great junk  and also sells on Facebook.  I got my cool street sign from her.  Check her out on Facebook at Weston Primitive Co! 


  1. Fun sale and good finds, but I may have melted in that 94 degree heat! Cute buckets..great lined up on that top shelf....

  2. Marci....I didn't know you started already. I am late to the party. Now listen missy...the Wed. sales from Ethel Estates...those are mine. Totally kidding. I love her. She has great prices and is nice too boot. I added you to my subscribe list so I won't miss a post. Can't wait to see your spuns....smiles...Renee

  3. I love the buckets! I have several I use out in the barn but I NEVER buy new ones, only ones with wear/charm :) I never thought about decorating with them.