Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gimme a J!

And a U~N~K,   What does that spell?  Great JUNK of course!  Those awesome letters are from my friends shop in Merriam, KS called Good Company.  If  you are ever in the area, you must HIT IT UP!  Floor to ceiling vintage finds and everything is priced right.  Found the old Sorry game and buttons at a garage sale.  Weird that the old Sorry games didnt come with a board.   I am going to have to read it and see how to play without the board.
Also hit a great sale and found this box of vintage Christmas and a cupid die cut.  Cuz really, can you have too much vintage Christmas?  Or die cuts for that matter?

Love the yellow Pyrex but it is going to my booth.  I am too clumsy to actually use pyrex (not to mention way too lazy to hand wash it) so I usually sell it. And the stickers.  I love them because a) They are Little Lulu! And Little Lulu reminds me of my childhood.  b) they are puffy stickers!  And puffy stickers remind me of the 80's!  And I LOVE the 80's! :)

Also found some vintage jewelry, a peter rabbit cup and this great Play Hats book by Whitman.  Didn't Whitman make the best stuff?  Lots of the hats have been poked out of the cardboard, but some very good mom saved them in the  book.  Much better Mom than me,  I would have thrown all that out when my kids were little.  I wasn't quite the hoarder collector that I am now :) Overall, a pretty fun pile of stuff.


  1. Love the play hats and thank goodness that mother had the sense to save them.
    I passed by THREE PIGS at the Farm Chicks show - did not want to pay ten bucks a pig...I only want cheap pigs.

  2. Oh...those play hats are mom was just telling me about this place in Merriam. I remember puffy stickers and scratch and sniff...I need to get out and get to a sale...smiles...Renee

  3. WOW, i love your loot! the puffy stickers had me at 'puffy'...well, and 'stickers' because they remind me too of my youth! i pick up stickers whenever i can. and i rarely get rid of them. its a sickness. and no, you can never, ever, ever have too much vintage christmas.

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