Monday, March 31, 2014

Large and in Charge Thrift Weekend

So I had a busy thrifting Sunday. Thrifted from dawn to dusk! I have been wanting to check out our downtown flea market which is held every Sunday morning, so I woke up early and headed out. There wasn't quite as many quality vendors as I had hoped but I did find a few things

A cast iron urn or vase, a yellow pig, and an old pharmacy bottle. The vase will be great at Halloween with a pumpkin on top (I may plant some flowers in the meantime even though I have a black thumb) the bottle is for my son who is heading off to college this fall and wants to be a pharmacist, and the pig will go to my growing collection
I'm up to eight.  I know the fat one in the back is a little different but he's plastic and he's a bank so in my made up just now rules, he counts!  Am I anywhere close to you Laurie? 
My next stop was a downtown Antique store. Cool stuff but CRAZY high prices so didn't buy a thing. Seriously, some people do NOT want to really sell their crap! 
On my way back uptown I hit a Goodwill. Don't go to this particular GW a lot because it's sorta far from my house, but glad I stopped cuz I found my second fav find of the day...
A box of vintage (1961) huge picture flash cards. I squealed, the angels sang, and I may have peed a little. Check these beauties out!
Large orange letters on one side,

Dreamy illustrations on the other side. V is for Valentine's Day!

E is for Easter!!

N is for Nest!

P is for Pumpkin! Awesome. Did I mention huge? 14" tall and 10" wide. Did I mention they cost me a buck? One measly dollar. I know, wipe your tears, they're  all mine. Ha!
 By now I was on a pretty good junk drunk so I couldn't quit yet, am I right? I decided to pick up my mom and sis and shop some more. On the way there I stopped at a garage sale. Got a handmade old doll bed (which is still currently in my car, too lazy to go get it) and a bunch of stuff for ebay for cheap and some Pyrex.

I know this may be hard to believe but I don't collect Pyrex. I used to sell it in my booth but now that I don't have a booth I usually don't buy it. But for $5 I figured maybe I could sell it online. Pretty pattern though. After picking up my mom and sister we headed for yet another small town with a cute downtown and lots of good stores. There seems to be no end to these small towns around Kansas City.  Anyway, on to the goodies. Remember how I said the flash cards were my second fav find of the day. Well here is my first favorite find...

It is a HUGE vintage German paper mâché  Easter egg. Like 16" huge. Like bigger than two of my  heads huge. Now you may be thinking that this is a pretty good score, and you would be right. But you know what would make it even better? 8 smaller eggs nesting inside!!!!
They all fit inside each other like nesting dolls. How cool is that? I have never seen these before. Have any of you? These were at an antique store so my cheapo self was NOT going to buy them. But I was smitten. It didn't help that my mom and sister were urging me on. "You'll never find these again", "You could resell them for 3 times as much" (as if) "You just had a birthday, you deserve it".  Ok maybe that last thought was my own, but the deed was done. I bought them, I love them and now I gotta figure out how to hide them.  No, not for Easter, from my husband, who will kill me if he knows I spent $95.00 on eggs (gulp).  I kid, he doesn't really care and besides, ebay money paid for them! Oh yeah! 
Here is the big one lounging on my couch so you can see how big this sucker really is!
Lazy egg. 

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  1. You found some great things. Love the cards and oh my, those paper mache eggs are wonderful.

  2. I love the same things as you, the cards and the eggs! Ohh, the illustrations are so cute on those cards!!! Nice assortment of finds!

  3. Love your finds! Found your blog via Laurie (Magpie Ethel)! Now following! :)

  4. I love your piggie collection (so cute) and your German Easter eggs are wonderful. I love your blog and am a new follower.


  5. Wow What a haul! That egg makes my heart sing and those flash cards - good gravy!

    Your comment on my blog didn't have an email attached so I wanted to tell you that I did do the Junk ranch sale last year and I had a great time. I made money and sold quite a bit. LMK if you are coming to sell - Lara and I would love to meet you!