Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thrifty finds

So my  finds have been sorta meh lately. What's up with that?? There are a bunch of estate sales and garage sales this weekend so maybe my luck will change. I'm jonesin for a good haul. Anyway, on to the finds.
I got the cute red canisters at an antique store (10 bucks for the set!) the rest came from Goodwill. The plaid thermos set is like brand new, small ball jar (.99!) and the placemat is oilcloth. I actually bought two of them for a project. Here is what the back looked like
And here is what I'm working on
Some fun bunting. Still gotta sew it together so it should  be done sometime around never. I'm terrible at finishing things but I think I'll give this a try cuz come on, it's adorable!
Also got this old readers digest book cut into a M and a little cream color stool at a garage sale. I took all my Easter decs down so I redid my shelves. I hate styling shelves. I look on Pinterst and think, heck ya, I can do that, then go to do it and crap, I got nothin. Do you guys do that? Anyway I switched it all up and this is what I came up with. Thoughts??
Seems maybe too busy? Add some greenery? Chuck it all and start over? Well for now it can stay cuz I'm way to tired to care. That's it for now. Have a super glorious thrifty week, and send some good thrift vibes my way!!

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  1. I think your shelf looks great! I'm currently having a slight fit over the coolness of your letter M. That is such a cool idea! Did you use a jigsaw? I'm have to make one now, no choice. Has to happen!
    I hope the sales are fruitful for you this weekend. Good junk vibes headed your way!

    1. I did not make it myself. I would be missing fingers! But yes, I think it was made with a jigsaw, thats my guess anyway. I wanna see yours if you make one! They are super cool. Have a great day!

  2. I think your shelf looks pretty great too. Saw a bunch of those cut out book letters at JB and thought them pretty spectacular.Good price on those red canisters!