Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trip Recap

I'm back from my trip to see my sister in beautiful Washington. Great weather the whole time (you were right Laurie, no rain the whole 5 days!) We of course got some shopping in, but hanging around the house, girl talk, and just being with my sis was the best. It was so nice not to have to cook dinner, do laundry etc. Plus my sister had my coffee ready for me every morning and dinner every night. A girl could get used to that! 
Ilahee state park on the Puget Sound. Just gorgeous. See the mountains in the background? But that water is freezing! 

This dogwood tree is in her front yard. I was blown away by all the beautiful flowers, trees and bushes everywhere!
This little antique store was closed but I took a picture of it because when I was a kid I lived in Washington. This used to be a little grocery store my mom and step dad owned called Sipes. It is much bigger now, they have added a huge addition to this building. 
Here's my sister getting her Goodwill groove on. Goodwill makes us happy no matter where they are. Unfortunately I'm a bit spoiled with my GW in Kansas that has great prices. This one is in Silverdale Washington and is HUGE! They do job training there also. The prices matched the size. Sooo expensive! $24.99 for a purse from Target? I don't think so.

We went to a great little flea market in downtown Bremerton. I got a clothespin dress for my collection (which I left at my sisters dang!) and this cute guy
A piggy bank for the collection. I've never seen any with Coca Cola advertising. 

A few other smalls were picked up at a couple garage sales. Not a lot of room in the suitcase so my buying was limited. 

My sister has a rental house, but the landlord lets her do whatever she wants as long as it's "neutral". We were bored one day so we decided to give her bedroom a makeover. 

Painted the walls, hung curtains, decorated. Sorry no before pics. It was a fun project and it looked so cute when we got done. 

My sister had this idea to hang this old screen as a jewelry organizer. It turned out great!
She loves primitive so I found these old scissors in her
 basement and framed them on some burlap. 
Here's her dresser that she found at a garage sale for $40.00! It was a couple summers ago when she lived in Kansas. I was with her and I bought the matching antique sleigh bed for $20.00. I use it in my daughters room. Good finds. 

So it was a nice relaxing trip. It was so great to see her and my brother in law and niece and nephew. I miss them already:( . 
Being goofy. It's what we do best.

I got home laaate last night and spent all day today cleaning. My hubby and son kept the house picked up while I was gone but apparently never learned how to use a vacumn or mop. How was your week?


  1. I'm glad you had a nice trip and a great visit with your sister! That must be good for the soul. I'm always afraid to go thrifting on vacation - I just KNOW I will find a treasure that I can't have. I bought a saxophone in Topeka once and I about never got that in the car with all of our stuff we packed. But, I did it!

  2. looks like you had a nice time! I miss my sisters and I hate to travel, so they need to visit me! lol! always good to come home.. and of course they dont mop or vacuum.. lol! mine wouldnt have either!
    have a great day

  3. I'm glad you had a good time! Spending time with your siblings is always good for you. Welcome back! We're going to San Francisco at the end of next month and I know I'm going to want to go to a flea market or thrift, but afraid of what I might do.

  4. I would like to just say toldyaso on the weather. Glad you hit a patch of sunny and isn't this the most beautiful time of the year with all the flowers and trees? I don't hit GW as it is just too overpriced...I stay in my beloved estate sale land.

  5. Hey you, you've been too quiet for almost a month! I think you were asking for a mid year swap and I decided to open one up. Deets on blog.