Saturday, May 30, 2015

It Is What It Is

That happens to be one of my mothers favorite sayings. She's been saying it a lot lately. If you were wondering where I've been lately, my mom was recently diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. Very sad news that has brought about some changes as you can imagine. She can't live alone anymore (it's in her bones and very hard for her to move around) so she moved in with me. She is a tough lady and we are just trying to stay positive, adjust as best we can, and enjoy our time. Please keep her in your prayers.
Buddy is my moms dog. Guess what? Buddy moved in too :)  Say hi to Buddy
The kitties and Buddy are learning how to get along. And Buddy is learning how to not pee on my carpet (he's a slow learner). But he's a good boy so we will make it work. Right Buddy?

So with all the news the thrifting has been slim to none. Which is fine, I've got stuff to list for weeks and I really don't need anything. But, (there is always a but, am I right?) I do have a few paltry things to show you.

My husband brought these home when they cleaned out his parents house. I have more suitcases than a sane person should own, so these will probably go to the booth. Speaking of the booth, it is doing okay. I made my first months rent plus a little profit. April is their slowest month so I was happy with how it went. I haven't been there in a couple weeks so I'm not sure how May is going but I know I sold a few things, including that kids turquoise roll top desk I showed you a while back. I love selling online but it is nice to have a place to take items and forget about them. Hopefully as things settle in here I can get it restocked. 
I stopped at Goodwill one day on the way home from the hospital and found this doll. I think somebody made her. There is a hand drawn name etched in the back of her head. I'm not really a doll person (they kinda creep me out) but for $5.00 she came home with me. She's headed to the booth. 

I also found this vintage Shaklee can. It is still sealed and full of baby bath items (lotion, shampoo, powder etc). It also has a cute rubber bunny in it. I only know that because when I googled this item only the bunny showed up. I would love to open it and see what the rest of the stuff looks like but since I listed it on ebay I can't, boo hoo. 
So thats it around here. I have been reading and keeping up with all your blogs, even when I don't always comment. I am thrifting vicariously through you all, so thanks.


  1. Oh Bless your heart, Marci. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother. I know that must be so hard on you to see her hurting and failing. Buddy looks like a sweetheart and I bet he will learn to be a good boy. I'll be thinking about you and I will try to come up with some more "laugh 'til you cry" posts. (Thanks for that comment!)

  2. Hi Marci-
    I'm sorry to read this about your Mom tonight. Thank goodness that she and Buddy could move in with you.
    I'm not a doll person either, but now that I've joined instagram, I see how many people love them! They're great sellers, so I've been grabbing them too.
    Sending hugs and prayers for your Mom,
    Erica :)