Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Booth, Project, and Rambling

Well everything is getting back to the new normal around here since my last blog post. My mom is settling in well and feeling pretty good. Buddy is loving all the attention. He was a little overweight when he came to live here, but with 4 people taking him on walks and no table scraps he has lost 4 lbs! 

I was able to get out to the booth a couple weeks ago and take a big load of stuff. It was a disaster! Lots of stuff sold, including a lot of tables so lots of items sitting on the floor. Good problem to have I guess. I took some bigger pieces and ended up rearranging most of the booth. 
The owner had pulled a lot of my 4th of July items for the front of the store so I brought in more. 
This shelf was sitting on a bench but I had a big empty spot on the wall so I decided to hang it. Fingers crossed that it didn't come crashing down after I left. My hanging skills are marginal. I put a lot of the red, white and blue items on it.
I moved this shelf to the back wall 
And condensed the toys to this small area. I sold some, but there was just too many so I took some of the bigger toys back home and will try them on ebay. 
I got a ton of new stuff priced and am gonna head over tomorrow or Friday and restock. I'm enjoying the booth but I'm most looking forward to stocking and arranging for fall and winter. All kinds of ideas floating around my head for Halloween and Christmas displays! 

I made a project. I saw this project on itsy bits and pieces blog and have wanted to make it since the second I saw it
A wooden CD holder turned into a Bingo card holder. I walked into Goodwill and spotted this right when I walked in the door. I had just found a front parking spot, then I found this. Yeah, it was a good day, and yeah, it's pretty sad the things that make my day. 

No before picture but I'm pretty sure you smart people can figure out what it looked like before. It was all brown wood, now it's painted white. Rocket science. I printed out the Bingo word on the computer and transferred it and painted it black. My hubby keeps telling me the O looks like an A and it says BINGA instead of BINGO. I told him to keep his eyes on whatever sports is on tv and off my beloved junk ;)

Thrifting and junking  has still been pretty limited. I am so jealous of all the people that got to go to Junk Ranch in Arkansas and Junk Stock in Omaha. Both amazing junk sales . Shara had fantastic stuff at Junk Ranch and I'm looking forward to the fall one. On the plus side I am getting mountains of ebay crap listed. I did find these two thermoses the other day.
I don't collect these so they will go to the booth in the fall. Although that wood grain one is pretty cool, hmm...
That's it for me! Till next time!


  1. I would definitely stop to shop in your booth if I were to come upon it! looks like you have lots of neat stuff there! I love the bingo box!! great idea!
    I also just read your last couple posts too and want to say that Im sorry about your moms cancer. A very difficult thing to have to deal with for all of you. prayers for your mom.. and for you! so many ups and downs in life arent there?
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Love your booth! I'm starting to think about renting a booth, and I love seeing what others have done with their's.

  3. I would love to prowl in your booth too. The store where I have my big booth is notorious for taking all my things up to display in the windows. They say it's a compliment - but hardly anything ever sells from up there. It kind of irks me. The BingA (kidding) box is cool. I have been on the look out for one of those wooden cassette tape holders for ever to hold all my ephemera at shows. I swear I used to see them everywhere - now that I actually want one - nada. Isn't that how the world works, though. That is why I buy ALL THE THINGS and hoard them. Ha. Glad things are calming down for you!