Monday, September 28, 2015

My Skelly is Better than Yours

I was cruising around the web the other day looking for items for my Halloween costume. My friend from work has a huge party every year. This year a bunch of us are going as singers from the past. I'm going as Doris Day. No idea why Doris Day, they chose it for me. So I ordered this dress off ebay

It's cute and all but when I got it I realized it looks a lot like Minnie Mouse. Why I chose red polka dots is a mystery. Plus it's sleeveless, I never wear sleeveless anything. Not since about 1989. Which happens to be the year I had my first kid. Coincidence? I think not.  Anyhoo, while I was searching the web I came across this wreath.. 
Ugh, I fell HARD for it. Which is odd, it's not even vintage looking but something about it was just cool. I wanted that wreath. I needed that wreath. And, it was only a mere $248.00! Zoinks!! Are they kidding??? Not even if I could afford it would I pay that much. I knew I could make it for cheaper. First thing I did was start looking for a feather wreath. You can buy one on Amazon for about $60.00. No thank you. So I was gonna make my own. Buy me a feather boa and wrap it around a styrofoam wreath. But I tried it (in the aisle of Hobby Lobby) and it just didn't look the same. I forgot about it and a few days later I was at a antique/home decor store and found one for $9.00. Ya! Some dollar store ribbon, a bag of skull and bones, and a cute top hat I found at a party store for 9.99 and I had this
Not exact but pretty darn close. I love him. It was a bit of a pain to make, his head was too round (kept tipping forward) and his bones were a bit too long so I had to cut off the back of his skull and cut down his bones with a kitchen knife. My husband came home from work and I was at the stove sawing away on my fake bones. He's like "what the hell are you doing?" Um...making dinner? Ha! Best part, he only cost about $35.00. Which is still a bit pricey but whatever. So my front door is now decorated and I am officially done decorating. Bring on Halloween!


  1. So cute! You did a fantastic job on your wreath. What a ridiculous price for the web wreath. Wonder who would pay that? Maybe Oprah, lol.

  2. Nice job! I cannot believe the price of that other one. As if!

  3. I love it when I can make it myself for cheap!! Cool, cool wreath! You did good!!