Sunday, October 11, 2015

Junk Stock!!!

I didn't get to go to Junk Ranch this year and I was BUMMED! It's a fabulous Junk Sale and of course Shara and Lara sell there so the pickins are gooood! If you want a great recap of the show go check out their blogs, but it will make you sad you missed it :(. I didn't get to go because my work schedule changed, BUT that meant I could go to JUNK STOCK in Omaha and it was FABULOUS! It's been on my bucket list forever and it was everything I could have hoped for and more!
Drove up on Thursday night to spend the night with my favorite junking buddy my aunt Celeste. (Or as we affectionately call her Aunt Lesty) We headed out about 11:00 am Friday morning. This giant sign was right inside the entrance and was about 20' tall. Made with old cornstalks. 
This one was right next to it and it was so neat. All made from corncobs and it was HUGE! 
Close up. Very cool but we were there for the JUNK so let's get to the good stuff. 
Miles of junk
Booth after booth of the best stuff!
47 food vendors and food trucks! Every yummy fattening thing you could think of or cook on a stick. 
10 bands. This stage had different bands all weekend. 

Cool photo props everywhere. The side of the barn has dripping paint cans. Genius.
Me and my aunt taking a much needed break. 
Glorious weather!
Old VW bus
One of many barns full of junk. Check out that giant window on the ceiling with the chandeliers!
A cool booth. They had amazing big stuff but sadly out of my price range:(
Here's what came home with me...
This awesome huge wooden cubby. Yes it's already set up and decorated in my dining room. It's missing a few pulls but I have some brass ones I'm gonna try and match. 
The drawers are rusty metal and open on the back side. 
The back is open so the mailman (?) could fill each slot. I assume that's what it is, although not 100% sure. Whatever it's fantabulous. 

Finally hung that antique swiss flag I got from my mom, added some fun items and Whalla! 
A bundle of orange and yellow branch stuff which I forgot the name of.
Old hinge turned photo frame
Old street sign with my nephews name on it. 
This was a loooong peice of wood with neat old hooks. 

Maybe 6' long? Probably longer than any wall in my house, but my motto is BUY NOW, FIGURE IT OUT LATER! I will figure it out, later. 
At one of the last booths we went in, I saw these gauges
I told my aunt to guard them and don't let anyone buy them. I stepped out of the booth to look them up on eBay. I knew that some of these can sell for good money. I quickly checked completeds and they were going for $50-$150. These were priced at $10 (the two small ones) and $15.00 for the bigger ones. So of course I bought them all. As I was paying for them this guy comes into the booth and is frantically looking around. He sees me paying and he's like "where did you get those" I pointed to the shelf where I got them (knowing full well that I bought all of them) and he goes over, sees the empty shelf and yells  "DAMN I MISSED THEM BY 5 MINUTES!" That's when I knew I made a good purchase :) 
And lastly we both got ourselves a couple souvenirs 
Neat mug and at shirt that I can't show because I wore it 2 days straight (even to bed) and it is getting a much needed wash. 
So a great weekend, thanks Aunt Lesty for a fun fun time! Can't wait till Spring to go back! And I'm bummed I forgot to take pics of my aunts finds because she found some killer items too. Till next time!


  1. That looks like so much fun! Amy that runs the Junk Ranch was there as well as a ton of my IG peeps. It cracks me up that you don't know what Bittersweet is - I think of KANSAS whenever I see it - it grows on all the dirt roads in Topeka. I always wish I could go pick a truck load and bring it here for the Junk Ranch! Love that cubby and all your finds. Sorry you missed the Junk Ranch- it was GREAT!

  2. looks like a great place to find some neat stuff!! Love bittersweet! hard to find here. have a great week!

  3. This looks like it was a fun junkin' experience!

  4. Nice finds! I love your motto and I have just adopted it as my own! ;)

  5. Love that set of cubbies. Glad you had fun. Junk on!