Monday, June 25, 2012

Heeerrrrreee Comes Lucky!

Anyone ever been to the dog races?  If so you know where I got my title for this post.  Today was my LUCKY day.  I was on my way to the DMV.  Yuck.  It was my 3rd trip ( if you live in Kansas, you know what nightmare I am living, new computer system that crashed SEVERAL times, hence 3 trips to get my dang renewal).  Being it was my 3rd trip, I was in a somewhat foul mood.  As I'm driving  I spot a sign SALE MON-WED!  WTH?  It is Monday, YA!  I turn down the street, Estate Sale, Double YA!   I park the car and start walking closer to the house.  There is a line outside.  A sign on the lawn says it starts at  noon.  I quickly check my phone, it is 12:20.  Triple YA!!  I get in line (the stinkin' DMV can wait) and in no time I am in and snappin' up vintage treasures like  a frog snappin' flies.  Oh yeah, definetly my lucky day.  Check it...
Some good loot.  Okay, the large cloth santa was a wee bit of a dissapointment.  Thought it was a childs apron, turns out it was a toilet seat cover.  eew.    Moving on...
Got a big ol' pile of hand made doilys? doilies?  Also a great wool plaid blanket.  Because hey, it was only 96 degrees out and I was a bit chilly :)
I LOVE this childs play apron.  I should have taken a pic out of the package but it is a full apron in a cute plaid fabric with 3 pockets.  One pocket holds scissors, one has a coloring book and one has some Noahs Ark crayons.  Original box. Too (was totally thinking of you Renee!)  I also got the vintage paddle game.  Missing the ball but great graphic of boy and girl playing and .15 price printed on the handle.
Love grab bags and this one had 2 packages of spun heads (large and small) some cool gold sticker border things, an ADORBS felt bird with his original tag which reads "Welfare Handicrafts Made by China Refugee Development Organization Hong Kong.  Interesting. Plus a plastic egg, and some trim.  This lady was into crafting and had tons of craft stuff.

Slighty dented but still cute tin trash can, yellow with strawberrys.  A flag, to add to my tons of other flags.  Just reminded myself to go find the flags! 

Also found these JUMBO paper straws with killer stripes which did not have a price and the nice lady gave me for FREE (silly lady).  Package of hand towel napkins, some appetizer picks and a cute pin cushion made from a can.  The bday candles aren't old but they were mixed in.
Lasty a huge bag of transfers for crewel/embroidrey.  Some of them are great, Owls! Birds! Pretty Ladies! and I may even try to make a few.  I am working on one now that I ordered online so we will wait and see how that one goes first.
So, like I said, lucky day!  And when I went back to the DMV 3 hours later (yes they gave me a number and told me to come back in 3 hours) my number got called right when I walked in.  So if you ignore that 3 hour wait then that was lucky too!!  In other news I worked on a HUGE project all weekend which I cannot wait to share, but this post is long enough so I may just have to post two days in a row (gasp!) and post about it tomorrow.  See you then!


  1. Please tell me this wasn't the Ethel sale I passed on today! Oh good grief how cute is that play apron. This heat is oppressive and I hate to get out in it............never mind the DMV that we sat at both offices in one day for 4 hours of least you were rewarded..smiles...Renee

  2. Sounds like my kind of sale with a crafty gal and scoring some spun heads! At least the trip to the DMV had a good detour...

  3. Hi Marci - Thanks for your comment on my blog. The craft fair that I was talking about is the Clothesline Fair in Prairie Grove - which is on Highway 62 about ten miles from campus. Hope you son enjoys the U of A. I live about two miles from campus and it has been VERY busy around here. Walmart was a nightmare this weekend with all the new shoppers. LMK if you ever have any questions about the area.

  4. hey, I just had to add to my hoarder daughters blog. Did she say we have a new booth in Olathe. The Junk Drawer at Lone Elm Antiques, have to say it is featured on their Facebook web site. Marci gets the most amazing things. We have an inside joke, she buys low and sells high, I buy high and sell low, guess who makes the most money? You know, some of this stuff she can't live without, I grew up with. Not a fan. But love her crusade to hit every sale that makes her a little nuts. A fun daughter and partner

  5. Marci...I was way over at Nelli and Niccos in Shawnee then I swung by the Ridge in Lenexa for all those Jar goodies. I am headed out to Lone Elm next week. What aisle are you on. I love the owners they are as sweet as they come. Although I keep begging them to bring the dog in. I met them over at Sentimental Journey. She used to have a booth there. So excited to see the goods...smiles..Renee

  6. Just found your blog from Renee at My Vintage Mending! I am now following! What a great sale! And such a fun way to put you in a good mood!!


  7. Love your blog - hope to see more blog posts :-)