Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hey Boo Boo, Grab That Pic-A-Nic Basket!

If you remember that show, your awesome.  Hey hey it's Saturday! It's gorgeous outside, you know what that means, let's go shopping! So I did. My mom and I hit it early (noonish) to see what we could find. Went to a little town about 30 miles south of KC called Ottawa. Cute town with lots of good stuff. Here's what I found
A yellow tin picnic basket, straws, vintage Kordite box (to freeze all your fresh picked berries!) old hangar, swizzle sticks and a Pottey Guild crock with lid. My fav find has got to be the picnic basket

This is a newer collection that started innocently enough. I was at a yard sale in the Spring and I found this guy
Rough shape but oh so cute and love the color. A few weeks later I was in a junk store and came across this brown and white basket pattern one
Well shoot, now I have 2 and they are pretty cute. I told myself I wouldn't actively search for them but, well, if I happen to run across a cute one for a good price then maybe...
You know how that story ends. I went to First Fridays in downtown KC the first weekend of July and found this beauty. Ok, now we were into a full on addiction, I'm talkin scouring ebay and etsy addiction. But have you seen the prices of some of these online? Crazy. I knew if I was patient  I would find another one for the right price. Today that patience paid off. Found the yellow one for $15.00 which is more in my price range. So I finally have four, which is just how many I wanted.

Why four you ask? Because that is the amount that would fit where I wanted to display them. Above my built ins in my family room.
Now I must stop, because I HAVE NO MORE ROOM! Unless it's reeeeaally awesome. Or reeeeaally cheap. See how easy those collections start? Scary. 

I really liked that crock. I thought it make a great utensil holder in my kitchen. Plus it looked vaguely familiar. When I got home I figured out why. I had the matching bowl! 
Now the crock is holding my utensils, the bowl is holding my napkins and they are living happily ever after together. (they told me).

I bought the straws because, ahem, I happen to have a collection of them. Shocking, I know! 
Not sure why I started this collection. Fun graphics I suppose. I got the Carnival one several years ago at an estate sale. I think it was even in a long ago blog post that I am too lazy to find. Then I found a few more. Notice that the Carnival straws  and the Elbo straws have the same creepy clown. Was he a popular clown at the time?   And if so why? These are the important things I think about. 
I may sell this collection at my next show in October. I don't display it, don't really have room for it, but yet still managed to buy 6 boxes. To be fair, 3 of those boxes I found taped together at goodwill for .99.
So there is TWO of my collections! In ONE blog post! Are you impressed? Me neither. Next time I will show you a few more. Have a blessed week! 


  1. Great score on the metal baskets and they look great up there. I got a vintage drinking straw box this weekend too...Humpty Dumpty!

  2. Great finds! I also really love metal picnic baskets, but never seem to find them for a good price!

    1. I know, they are pretty pricey. But dang they are cute!