Friday, July 4, 2014

Red White & Blue Thrift Post

Well it's 4th of July! So I squeaked in this post before it's too late. I've found lots of stuff since my last post, a lot of it perfect for my 4th of July decor. I tend to shop depending on what holiday is coming up. Except vintage Christmas, you know I buy that ALL year round. My aunt gifted me an awesome old wood ladder. So I added a metal basket and put lots of red white and blue goodies inside
Easy Peasy.
I found this Cook paint can and hd2hvit! (That's "had to have it". My friend used to have personalized license plates that said that:)
Not only is it red white and blue, it's also my last name.
Of course I looked to Pinterst for some fab chalkboard art.
My daughter and I were in Fayetteville AR last week for college orientation and we went to some boutique stores in the downtown area. One of the shop windows had a big chalkboard and they used this same artwork (mine was better) 😄
I found both if these items this year. Lone star dominos and a great GoJo can. It was hand cleaner for like mechanicss
Cute hu? 
Well have a happy 4th!  I'm taking my daughter to camp tomorrow in Purdy, Mo so my mom and I are going to drop her off then head to Eureka Springs, AR. It's only an hour away and a cool little town. Plus they have The Crescent Hotel. The most haunted hotel in America. I see dead people in my future! Ha!


  1. oooooooooooooooooooo!! I'd love to check out that haunted hotel! Great way to put together your patriotic vignette!

  2. Happy belated fourth! Darling Cook paint can! Enjoy the haunted days ahead...