Thursday, July 24, 2014


Have you ever eaten at Jason's Deli? If so have have you ordered fruit with their famous fruit dip? Well if so, then you know it is Delicioso!  Seriously, you could eat it all by itself with a big ol' spoon. Not that I  have ever done that. Ok, maybe once. Anyhoo, it being summer and all, we eat tons of fruit. I thought to myself, man, some Jason's Deli fruit dip sure would be yummy with this. So I looked up the recipe and found it on  Only THREE ingredients! And I had them all (or so I thought). 
One cup of sour cream, 1/2 cup brown sugar, and 4 teaspoons of Grand Marnier. Sounds disgusting doesn't it? Well, trust me, it ain't. Mix all ingredients together and chill for an hour. Here's a funny story. I bought some alcohol in May for my kids grad party. I found this yummy punch I was going to make. Well it never happened. So I had some alcohol left over. I thought that one of the bottles was Grand Marnier. So when I found the recipe for the fruit dip, I was like, hey, I have all the ingredients! Turns out what I had was Grenadine, not Gran Marnier, not even close to the same thing. So I had to make a trip to the liquor store to buy a bottle. And let me tell ya, those Parisians are pretty damn proud of their Grand Marnier, it was $40.00 for a bottle!  On the plus side, I have enough to make approximately 7,000 more bowls of fruit dip. Or enough for one good drunk on Grand Marnier. Either way, win win. So whip some up, then die and go to heaven! 

Nom, nom, nom...


  1. This sounds YUMMY! I have pinned it, and MUST try it ;-).
    THANKS for stopping by svelteSTUFF and leaving me a note - nice to meet you - love your collections!!

  2. YES MA'AM!!!!! I had Jason's Deli cater some of our meetings at work and always order fruit and that OMG AWESOME DIP! I'm actually going to order it again this week. The Jason's district manager actually gave me the recipe. The trick is to make sure you do wait for the flavors to blend, hard as that will be. And yes, I could eat it with a spoon - it's that good.

    What else can we put it on? Crepes? Chips? (I did eat their blue corn chips with the dip and loved it.). I bet a dollop on a brownie would be good! I didn't realize that Gran Marnier cost so much! It's been years since I stocked a home bar.

    But then again, about 15 years ago, I was hooked on Penne ala Vodka and had to buy Absolut Pepper Vodka. Back then it was $35 a bottle. The recipe called for about two tablespoons. I think I used it up within a year - I loved it that much!

    Enjoy your dip - my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  3. Hi Marci,

    I am about to send out the Halloween swap email but your blogger profile doesn't have an email address attached, can you email me at makinprojiks @ gmail please?