Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Good Haul...Finally!

Well, I haven't posted in awhile but aside from the occasional vintage goodie or lots of crap for ebay (boring) I haven't hit any spectacular sales since the beginning of summer...until today!  Went to a few garage sales, two estate sales and a few thrifts. Found some GREAT stuff.
A horrible pic of most of my haul. Sorry, cell phone pics and it's overcast and gloomy today.
If I decorated my bedroom for valentines day I would totally keep this heart design chenille spread (and it's king size!) 
I've never seen anything like it and in perfect condition!
Lots of vintage Christmas goodies. I was planning on selling ALL my vintage Christmas this year so I guess I better dust off that etsy shop because I found more!
Yes your seeing that correctly. THREE cellophane wreaths with their original box. Plus, yay me, I found some Christmas corsages! First time eveh! 
Very large and kinda creepy santa head picks. Would be fun on a wreath.

Eight sets of embroidered pillow cases. I saw these on Pinterest turned into hangar covers and thought I might try that, (aka file them away and forget I have them) 
A pink and white checked quilt with the cutest feedback material on the back
Lots of smalls
Buttons, buttons, I love buttons...
This tin was full of buttons and I think the tin is pretty great
Lots of cards. Mostly wedding, new baby, and graduation. Every one of these cards still had their original envelopes. This lady saved EVERYTHING!
I thought this was the weirdest thing. It says Social security on the outside, inside it has a tiny pair of pink panties with a little padlock, what the hell? Is this the governments way of telling us to keep our chastity belt on? Bizarro.
This is a total Magpie Ethel purchase. A box of miniature flags, axes, and tiny plastic babies. Laurie,you need some?
This was a vintage orange sweater and skirt. Absolutely tiny and cute!

So, I finally found some fun stuff. I worked all night, got off at 7 am and drove an hour to go to this sale. Totally worth it I'd say :)


  1. Isn't it nice when you finally hit a good sale..such a good way to put a person in a good mood! The heart bedspread is amazing. Love those axes of course and would love to work a deal if you want to?....

    p.s. Etsy shipped out today!

  2. This was a great haul! Loving the Christmas!

  3. Hi Marci! I finally found your blog. It was so mice to meet you at The Junk Ranch. I wanted to get to the barn to see you but I never made it out of my booth other than a bathroom run. And I do mean RUN! Amy had told me that there was a booth that I should go see - full of little things like I love. Today she tells me that was YOUR booth, so I am doubly sad I missed it. I hope you have some photos - I;d love to see it. Hope you had a good time and a safe trip home! -Shara

  4. Man, I hunted those axes on line like crazy this winter and still never managed to buy any, lucky duck!