Friday, October 10, 2014

Junk Ranch 2014

Well I survived my first Junk Ranch. It was a lot of work, a long weekend, but so much fun! My brother came with me and was so much help, I could not have done it without him! He brought his big truck, helped me load, unload, set up, and sell, and most of all kept me and the customers entertained all weekend! That boy makes me laugh and it was so nice hanging out with him all weekend! Plus nice to be able to walk around and shop while he manned the booth. The highlight of my trip was meeting these two fabulous ladies, Lara from Pretty Quirky and Shara from Monkeybox!
Even sweeter in real life than they are on their blogs. Of course they both brought fab stuff to sell!
Shara's cool booth full to the brim of vintage goodies and displayed beautifully!

Seriously I wanted it all! Thanks for the birthday candles Shara, we have exactly the same taste. 
And Lara, with her awesome signs, I'm kicking myself I didn't buy the one with the old Christmas lights on it, it was so neat and maybe I can get her to make me one and buy it next time I come to Fayetteville? (Please, please?)
Seriously so good! 
Wish I lived closer to these two ladies because I would love to go junking with them. Although we'd be rolling in the aisles fighting  over all the same stuff. Kidding! I'd totally win. Lol! 
So many fun booths, and after a cool and windy day on Friday, Saturday was absolutely GLORIOUS!
Isnt this booth divine?
Great displays!
Lots of Rusty Crust junk.

The turnout was fantastic and I sold a ton of stuff. Definitely small things sold better, I only brought a few big things but none of them sold. Oh well. Here's a few shots  of my booth
My best seller was globes. I brought 12 of them and sold all but one! Also pop crates (sold 4) chenille bedspreads (sold all 4 that I brought) suitcases (sold all 5) and tons of smalls.  I declared it a successful trip, even with gas and motel I made some money so I was a happy girl. The only downside to the whole weekend was on the way home, traveling 80mph on the interstate, dark outside, we hit a deer! No little doe either, a big huge buck (I think, I didn't actually see it)  Smashed the grill out of the front of my brothers truck, deployed both the air bags, and scared the bejeezus out of me! Luckily we weren't hurt, and after the tow truck pulled the fender out of the front tire, the truck was perfectly drive able. But man what a bummer! Stupid deer.
After getting home laaate Sunday night, working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 12 hour shifts, I spent all day yesterday catching up on sleep! Talk about exhausted! But feeling better now, even went junking today with my mom and found some cool stuff. But thats a post for another day! Till next time...


  1. Whoa that's a scary accident! The things we do for junk! :-)

  2. Oh, I am so glad you are okay! How scary!!!! It was so nice to meet you. I am SICK I didn't make it to your booth - we DO have the same tastes! I would have wanted everything in your booth. SO, maybe it's a good thing I didn't get to see it. :) Remind me which set of flashcards you wanted and I will wend them to you. monkeybox @ juno. dot com.

  3. A deer? YIKES! How fun to get to meet Shara and Lara. If I was a bit closer I would have made the trek. Someday OUR paths will cross!

  4. Wow, glad you guys weren't injured. We have so many deer in my neighborhood and they just dart right out into the street!!

    Would have loved to shop at your booth!!