Saturday, December 27, 2014

All Wrapped Up

Christmas was great. Family, food,, fun what more could a girl ask for? My husband even came thru on the present front, a Kuerig! I don't drink too much coffee but I've had approximately 465 cups since Christmas, I think I may be addicted😄. 
Remember those Spode dishes I told you about? Well I sold them (8 plates, 8 cups and 8 saucers) on Christmas Day for what I paid for them so I'm thinking cool right? I got my money back. Wrong! First off I BADLY miscalculated shipping. I put the weight as 5lbs. Um let's try 17lbs! I must have been in some sort of sugar induced high when I listed that. So it cost me $26.00 out of my own very broke pocket to ship. That's bad enough but I also forgot that one of the dang kitties broke one of the saucers. Um, whoops. So I had to go on eBay and BUY her a new saucer and have it shipped. Another $8.00. Oh well, I did get to use them on Christmas Eve. Please, if I ever decide to list dishes again someone quick punch me in the face. 
I have no pictures to go with this post so here are some random things to make you smile
Nix (Kitty # 1) as a tree topper (notice Luna (kitty # 2) to the left looking up in admiration of Nix's killer climbing skills) Her face is bathed in a heavenly glow cuz she's such an angel. Ha! I could not wait to get that tree down and it was down and put away before lunch yesterday! 
My daughter and her boyfriend at their Tacky Chrustmas party. I think they were trying to look mean like that, but not sure why.  Funny story, I have been buying those damn ugly sweaters for a few years. I think I had about 25 of them and I was SICK of them. So I gave them all to her. She took them to college and posted them on FB and sold them all in a week! Used the money she made for Christmas presents (smart girl)

My daughter found this on etsy and wanted to give it to her friend. So I drew it on some fabric and made it myself. Wasn't about to fork out $35.00 for something I could do. Here's my version
Close enough. I have no idea what it means but then again I'm not 19 anymore. Sad but true :(
And lastly this, which cracked me up

Have a great week and enjoy the heck out of your NEW YEARS! 


  1. OUCH on the dishes! I see dishes and even plates and cups sometimes and for a split second I think about putting them on ebay and then I say Nooooooooooo. They are so heavy and so fragile and just a huge pain - as you now know! I don't evenlike to sell glasses. I love it that you used them and washed them up and sent them off though. :)

  2. I sold my set of dishes this year at the Plucky sale and was thrilled that I was done with them and did not have to ship them anywhere and worry about that. Made a darn good profit too. That shipping is killer unless you calculate it spot on. That photo with the cats in the daughter brought home a kitten for Thanksgiving break. That kitten climbed and explored everywhere...I told her it would be best if it did not come home at Christmas break (she had a friend who would watch it) and that top photo justifies my decision!

  3. Urban Dictionary defines it as descriptive of something that is way cool!

  4. Ok I will try this one more time. I am Marci's mom and ladies I tried, I really did try to stop her manic obsession with all things old, new, vintage, furniture, clothes, well you get it. She does find great stuff, the problem comes in when she says " I bought this to sell" 6 months later I am looking at it in her living room, bedroom or whatever room. But , you gotta love her. One of these days I will tell you our "ghost story" at an antique store in Goodland Ks on one of our most fun EVER road trips. What a hoot. Nana