Friday, December 12, 2014

Auntie Em Comes to Kansas

My most favorite aunt and uncle came to town today. Ok they are also my only aunt and uncle but if I had more, they would still be my favorite :) and also, my aunts name isn't Em, it's Celeste.  Anyway, my aunt knows I like to collect (a lot of stuff) and sell (a little stuff). She brought me some fun estate sale found treasures
Three sets of cross stitched pillow (or pilla as she likes to say) cases. I especially love the crocheted edges. 
Two awesome huge doilies. I am going to keep one of these for my bedroom because it will go perfect with my colors and decorations. Can't decide which one to keep they are both fab, and so much work! 
These 4 adorbs butterfly hankies which I am sorely tempted to keep. But I shouldn't. But I probably will :)
And this beautiful hand done tablecloth. It is oval and I don't have a table for it, so I will sell this. Which justifies keeping everything else right? Right. 
Of course we had to get a bit of shopping in. So my mom,aunt, uncle, and I headed to a local antique mall. I have a terrible case of empty hand syndrome (don't you feel sorry for me?) so I had to bring some stuff home
A cute dress to store plastic bags, a bisque doll and a cute Rusty red bank that looks like a cash register
My aunt spotted this for me  (can't believe I missed it) so thanks Celeste! Love it. And it works! 
I bought the doll for a specific purpose. A few years ago my mom gave me an antique glass battery (one of my favorite treasures) . It sits on my counter and it's usually empty but I thought it would be perfect for a little winter scene. I put in a bottle brush tree, some snow and a reindeer but it still needed something...
She fit perfectly! Now looking at this pic I realize that the white reindeer (can you even see him?) is out of scale to the doll.  Gonna have to lose the deer. Little presents would be cute. Anyone have some tiny presents they wanna send me? A gold ring would be nice, thanks. 
Well I said I was done blogging until 2015 and I have blogged twice since then. Your welcome :)

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  1. I have an Aunt Dorothy in Kansas! Lenexa to be exact. I have been looking for an old register like that to use to hold my business cards at shows. Wouldn't that be cute? You could to that too!

    I sent you an email about the swap package you sent. OH MY GOD. I am still in awe. :) Thanks so very, very much. I did forget to mention how much I laughed at receiving your Kick Ass Boot box. Chuckle!