Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shoppin & Swappin Til I'm Droppin

Its a good thing I only did two swaps as I am out of clever blog post titles. Ok, they weren't that clever. Moving on. My last swap was with the fabulous Shara at Monkeybox. The swap was to exchange a box of vintage Christmas. YES! Right up my vintage lovin alley. Of course she spoiled me to death! The woman is a one woman vintage Christmas goddess! CHECK OUT THIS LOOT!
See? I told you she spoiled me! 
Angels and ornaments, Santa's and CHECK OUT THAT red 25! How did she know I wanted that and it's actually in my etsy cart (well not anymore cuz I don't have to buy it now )
Bells, straws, that awesome brass santa mold! 
Her coolest flash cards which you know I was secretly hoping for, and adorable napkins, seals, cookie cook book wrapped up with the cutest cookie cutter, 
Cardboard sleigh to add to my collection And all the little things I love so much. Shara you nailed it all and I was beyond thrilled to open it. She mentioned on her blog how her husband is clueless when it comes to gift buying and mine is too. I love him dearly but come on, who the heck wants a can opener for Christmas??? So I have to tell you I'm so happy to have discovered blog land and swaps. It's so great to meet people who share your interests and "get" you.
Here is a couple pics of my new vintage goodies put straight into action
That fab 25 went up on my corner cupboard. 
Wait! I forgot to show you this teeny tiny snow globe she made! Living in the cupboard of littles along with all the smalls she sent

Mr brass santa mold and flashcards got hung on my old window in the entryway. Just what it needed! 
Those gorgeous napkins and straws added some great design to my Hoosier. 
New boot (a flocked one! First one!) went perfectly with ye old boot collection. 
Everything was perfect and I will treasure it all! Thanks Shara for adding some awesome vintage treasures to my collection. I'll swap with you anytime!
The kids all came home for Christmas break so my house is back to a chaotic loud mess, but I'm not complaining because I love having them home (ok, maybe I'm complaining a little, pick up a towel would ya?) I hope you all have a glorious Christmas and happy, healthy, vintagey 2015!


  1. It makes me happy to see where everything went to live. I did that with the things you sent me too - everything had a place to land and stay. I just love your house and all your displays. Hope the "kids" don't destroy the joint!!!! Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. Loving all your Christmas Swap goodness! Merry Christmas!