Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Boredom & Pain Meds = Crappy Crafts!

Well it's day two of my recovery and I'm bored. Only 5 weeks and 5 days till I go back to work, imagine all the crap I can make! Tonight's crappy craft is sewing pattern flowers. I know the suspense is killing ya so let's get moving. 
First find yourself a cheap sack of patterns at goodwill, this set me back .99
Wistfully look at the cute pajamas on the front and wish you knew how to sew. I don't so let's move on. 
Cut out 10-12 sheets roughly the same size. My first try was about 9 x 11 but the flowers were too big. 8 X 6 works better. Then start accordion folding your paper

Tie off the center with some wire. I tried pipe cleaners first but the stem was too floppy and ain't nobody like a floppy stem amiright?
Round off both ends with sharp scissors. Mine are not sharp so some bad words may have been involved. 

Fan it out all pretty then start spreading out your petals

Have fun trying to keep your new kitties from ripping them apart while your making them (they are lucky they are so cute)

Speaking of cute kitties here's a pic of them when we got them (about a month ago)
Had to throw that in there. Cuz they ARE the cutest kitties ever to roam the earth. Anyway, throw your new flowers in a vase (or your almost gone candle if your too lazy/drugged to find your vase) 
Oooh, so purdy! And no watering! You can't really tell but the black lines on the patterns give the flowers a little extra cool detail. I know you all learned how to make tissue paper flowers back in second grade but a little refresher never hurt anyone. Now go make some fall flowers!


  1. Those are some cute kitties!

    My rheumatologist was yelling at me yesterday about my own knee...sigh.

  2. Cute flowers and such cute kitties! I'm sorry about your knee - but if it means you get to do crafts AND blog more - well - that's great!!!! :)

  3. Looks like you are recuperating with some crafting..that is the best kind of get well medicine!