Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fun Finds and a Shout Out to the BOYS IN BLUE!

Ok first and formost, for those who don't know, I live in Kansas City. So the above pic is obvious, rooting HARD for our KC Royals to win the World Series! Exciting time around these parts. 

In personal news, I had some knee surgery today. Arthroscopic surgery on my left knee. This is my 4th knee surgery, they have both been scoped twice now. I have terrible knees, and my doctor tells me I really need both of them replaced, but hoping this scope and these shots they give me (fake cartridge made out of the  comb of a chicken...eww) will let me put it off for a few years. I jokingly (but not really a joke) say that for my 50th birthday I am buying myself new knees! Anyway, the plus side is I'm off work for the next six weeks so lots of blogging time, listing time, and getting waited on time. See, there is a plus side! 
Laying in bed, watching the Royals.

In junking news I have a few things I found over the last couple weeks. Went to a great estate sale that was also cheap! (Rare around here) also a church sale and a few garage sales. found some fun stuff!

This was my haul, minus two big items. 
At the awesomely cheap,estate sale I found this bag of reindeer, snowman, santa on skis and santa with sleigh. Total price? 3.00!!!
A box of old lights and a few Shiny Brites (which I was trying not to buy but for $2.00? Come on, who could pass that up?)
Cute metal bread box with pink BREAD handle.

A cute white pitcher, jello molds and great turquoise shell vase.

A set of vintage full sheets, Vera scarf and three boxes of (repro) bubble lights which have already sold on ebay.

I mentioned earlier that I had two big item purchases. The first was this vintage metal chewing gum rack. Already put to use next to my washer holding all my laundry supplies!
The last thing I found was a vintage enamel top table in white and jadeite green. I love, love, love it. It's currently in my basement and since steps and crutches don't mix, I don't have a pic for you. But as soon as I can hobble to the basement I will post a pic. Trust me, worth the wait! How was your week?


  1. Bless your heart - surgery today and still blogging tonight! What a trooper! I hope it helps and you feel better soon. You have found some great stuff - that chewing gum rack is the best! I want an old laundry basket - but that is like one step better! Stay off your feet - don't go to the basement!

  2. The gum basket is the very best..wow..I would have snagged that too. And a table lurking in the basement? Cant wait to see that. Heal and rest up...