Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Week in Junk

Well I recapped Junk Ranch for you but never showed you what I bought. For some reason I was drawn to all things metal. My decorating ADD I guess. Good thing my house has a choppy  layout, all separate rooms instead of open concept. I tend to decorate every room a little different style. Anyway, I digress. On to the finds 

First up is this cool metal tin picnic basket to add to my collection, which is now just this shy of enough. Maybe. Or not. 

Next this gargantuan long chicken feeder. I may have underestimated how long this baby was. I had ideas of putting it on my dining room table all full of small pumpkins and gourds and fall leaves and such.  Umm, no. It goes from one end to the other and looks pretty stupid. Gonna have to rethink this one. Any thoughts?
Last I got a metal wheel with spokes thing (what the heck are those called?) My mom has one hanging on her wall with old pictures and stuff clipped to it and it looks cool. It is currently still buried in the garage with the rest of the show leftovers and I haven't found the energy to dig it out. But ya catch my drift.

This weekend my mom and I hit up a few favorite haunts and found some goodies. 

This was my favorite find. An old cloth halloween trick or treat bag. It's small, only about 10" across and 16" long. Of course my kids were all like "that's all the candy they got back in the day?" And I had to explain to them that it wasn't even just candy, people also used to hand out things like apples, and nuts, and pennies. That concept went over like a lead balloon. 
I also found this salt jar with a yellow lid. I had to buy it because I have it's match at home

Coffee!  Not in the best shape but that's ok with me. Neither am I! 

The last thing I got actually came in the mail. I ordered these two vintage Halloween die cuts from Magpie Ethel (thanks Laurie!) and they were just the thing to make me want to get out my Halloween decorations! 
Excuse the bad pictures. But you should be used to them by now, just sayin. 
But looking how cute they look all mixed in with the others
Yes, I know this picture is AWFUL! It's not my fault! Just zoom on in and you'll get the gist.
This is only about 1/3 of the die cuts I have, but I only put up a few this year, and I decided to frame some...ooh fancy!
Since I'm showing off the homestead I gotta share my mantle. I never do scary halloween (I used to when the kids were little, even turned my whole garage into a haunted house one year. Yes, it was awesome) but this year I did all vintage in the front room and decided to go a little creepier in the family room.
I found these old pyrex bottles a few years ago so I printed some labels and glued them on. I think they turned out pretty great
No creepy mantle is complete without a cloche full of skulls

I just noticed my skeleton is missing part of his arm. I smell foul play.  
In other news I went to the pumpkin patch today and Im pretty sure I'm hear cider donuts and orange cream soda calling my name. Till next time...


  1. Looking might festive and thanks for the shout out. The die cuts look right at home! I am hoping to hit the pumpkin patch this week...I know that cider donuts and fresh pressed apple cider will be calling my name! A great fall tradition!

  2. Maybe pinterest has an idea for a huge chicken feeder? I always think those industrial things are a good idea until I get them in my house, hmmmm.

  3. My pumpkin patch is the bin at Aldi. :) $2.26 for the biggest pumpkins! We are going tot eh apple orchard this week if the rain EVER ends. I can't believe you found a metal picnic basket at The Junk ranch. I have still never found one of those out junking. I have some that a thoughtful person gifted me. I thin they are hard to find around here! Love you Halloween decor. Not sure mine will see the light of day this year. But, I am thinking I NEED to see it!