Sunday, March 29, 2015

Makin Progress on the Projects

Recently I discovered an online auction site called Equip Bids. Don't know if this is a national thing or just local here in Kansas City but oh my, I may be in trouble. They post a lot of online auctions (maybe like 8 or 9). Each auction has the start and end date and where the items have to be picked up. Most bids, about 90% of them, start at $10.00. They auction everything from restaurant equipment to collectibles to land. I found one I was interested in and bid on 4 items, all from the comfort of my couch. I won 3 things. Nobody bid against me so each lot was $10.00. Wanna see what I got?

Old cardboard suitcase, tablecloths and bag of spools and buttons. 
There was so many cool things that no one bid on, I wish I would have bid on a few more items, but I was happy with what I got. All headed for the booth (except the buttons which have already been added to my stash). Fun site and I already have my eye on a few upcoming auctions. Like I said, I might be in trouble.

Ooh so purdy!
This is a bridge tablecloth. I like the bees.

This is a little rough but still neat.
I had to go pick up my items in Raymore,Mo about 15 minutes away. There is a  thrift store there that is only open on Saturday. It's run by little old ladies. Since it was Saturday and I love little old lady run thrift stores I had to stop. I was looking for shelving and bigger items for my new booth. I found several things that just needed a little TLC.
Nice sturdy metal shelves, now they look like this
It's going to hold all my vintage kids stuff. I need to add more shelf liner. 
Also found this cool old newspaper rack
(Ignore the garbage can) I thought it was awesome but def in need of a makeover.
Here it is after a little paint and chalkboard sign
It turned out so cute that it somehow made its way into my bathroom. Whoops, that ones a keeper. 
I also found this rolling cart with a homemade wood shelf
I think it was some sort of office cart. It also got a makeover
Painted the cart, and sanded and stained the wood. I was thinking to myself that it sure would make a great nightstand. Then I was thinking, gee, my daughters room could really use a cute nightstand. You know where this is going right? Yes I kept it. It looks freakin awesome in her room though! I will show you next week and you will agree with me that I made the right decision 😄. 
I did find another set of shelves at GW that I also painted and those are going to the booth! 
While I was in booth/project/spray paint mode I decided to make one more thing. Last year I ordered 12 mini clipboards off of eBay. Not sure why, I think I was going to do some project that I saw on Pinterest and have now forgotten. Anyway they were nothing special, just cheap wooden clipboards
Green chalkboard spray paint, some flower Washi tape, and about an hour of time and I had this
A banner to hang in the booth! I think it turned out nice.

Here's a close up. My hubby said my I looks like a J but he's a guy so we don't listen to him. 

Well that's all for now. My spray paint buzz is wearing off so I better get back out there. Have a thrifty fun week!


  1. It looks like as R... silly men! nice job on all the redo's. looks like you had a productive weekend!
    have a great week

  2. I love those metal shelves I have two waiting to go in my booth. When I was a kid, I had one in my bedroom that was my mother's when she was a teenager.

  3. Oh, your projects all turned out so lovely!! :)


  4. Busy girl. Digging that newspaper stand.