Thursday, March 26, 2015

No I Dont Qualify for Senior Discount, Thanks for Asking

Magpie Ethel creation from a few years ago.

Tomorrow is my birthday. It's also my hubby's, he's turning the big 5 0. So were gonna celebrate his and forget about mine, thankyouverymuch. I was at Salvation Army the other day and the cashier asked me if I qualified for the senior discount. Um, no (I'm turning 47). She said "well if your close I can still give you the senior discount" Again, no. I mean I'm not 30 anymore but come on, I don't look 55! Just hurry up and ring my crap up full price so I can go home and cry! 

I decided to combat my old lady blues with some shopping. 2 estate sales, garage sale and a couple thrifts. My first stop was a garage sale. Out of 30 Craigslist sales, 2 looked good. This one promised lots of "antiquities". I got there right at 8am. There were already 15 people crammed in the garage snapping up the good stuff left and right. I kept picking things up and the lady running the sale would say "that's someone's pile". Damn! Why don't I have a pile? Anyway I managed to find three things

Green picnic basket, old wisk broom and tiny tin. The mother mug came from the thrift store and I'm gonna plant a cute flower in it for Mothers Day. 

This Butterscotch Waffle cookie tin is so cute.  Yum! But seriously, how many cookies could it hold? Not enough is the answer. 

Estate sales were kind of a vintage bust, but great for ebay resale items. I did find a few older items
Set of silverware in original box and an empty vintage birthday candle box for my collection. Silverware headed to ebay. 

The other day I went to a hugely overpriced estate sale.  Reminded me why I usually avoid estate sales. #ripoff.
Found two things that weren't shockingly expensive
A new vintage look paper doll book which will be great for 4th of July decorating, and the cutest pink toy mixer ever made.

So cute. It even spins and makes a whir sound when you squeeze it. I posted it on Instagram (my second IG post ever) it got 15 likes so that makes me pretty cool right? If you also think I'm cool and wanna follow me my IG name is MCOOK1015, I think.

Ok, now for my most exciting news, I rented a booth! It's at the antique mall that my mom and I used to have a booth at. Super clean and lots of foot traffic. I was really missing having one so I decided to take the plunge. Let the shopping commence! (Like I need an excuse). I move in on Sunday so I will be a busy girl getting things ready. Pics to come! Til then, have a great weekend!


  1. All the auctions and estate sales have been really pricey around Indianapolis lately. It's been hard to buy good junk!


  2. I am total instagram newbie, but I cannot find you under that name? I see marcelyn_c, but I don't think that's you. :-) I am easy - makin projiks!

  3. Ok this is how bad I am at IG, wrong name! Haha it's MCOOK1015! I followed you Sarah.

  4. I have been wanting you to get on IG! I am following now. THAT MIXER! Good lord! I have been waiting for someone to ask about the Sr. Discount and I just really think I might go postal on them. Even when I AM able to qualify for it, I will be SO SAD. But, that is like 20 years away. HAHAHAHAHA

  5. Last year, I wanted to make a shirt that said "I'm 50! Now where's my senior discount?" I'm ready for them, because I've EARNED those suckers. You can use the little mixer to make little cookies to go in the little cookie tin. Cute finds for sure.

  6. I can't believe I didn't say.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday. Congrats on the mall space...looking forward to the reveal.

  8. Ha. I love you. I will be the big 5-0 in two months. a couple years ago someone asked me if I was my daughter's grandmother. Ouch

  9. happy brithday!! and 47.. is still young! We are as young as we feel... right? thats what I keep telling my self! lol! fun finds! and Happy palm sunday